Have you had Zoella today?

Posted by The Skibbereen Eagle | November 26, 2014 1

zoellaYouTube sensation Zoe Sugg, aka Zoella, has a new book out today. She hosted a launch party for her debut novel, Girl Online, in central London last night. The novel is based in part on Sugg’s own experience of charting her everyday thoughts in video blogs or ‘vlogs’ online. Anyway, the book is out and Zoella’s fans have been commenting like mad about it on Twitter this morning. Zoellas inane chatter reinforces the age-old premise that women must be beautiful if they are to lead happy lives, and that what they care about, above all else, is how to do a flawless festival-ready top knot. That Dear Reader is why she is “bigger” than Beyonce on You Tube, has a Penguin book deal, a bespoke beauty range, and two Teen Choice awards to her name and her and her equally vacuous boyfriend were in the chorus line for Band Aid 30 and helicoptering to PR Man’s mansion afterwards. Get the connection to Music / Africa? Me neither.Zoellabook

Some people are excited to read a book for once.

Some got up seriously early to get their hands on a copy.

People have been waiting for this day for a long time.

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  • Do I sense a touch of cynicism here? IMHO, I think that she is much. much better than Valerie Trierweiler: at least she doesn’t sleep with someone famous to get a book deal. See: it could be worse!