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Yes you read it right! I’m only £2.75 is only 90% more expensive


Everybody knows Wilkinson’s as a good value home wares chain – indeed the store shouts out its good value with stand barkers proclaiming “Great Value” ” Great Price” and their strapline is “The home of family value.” But not for the first time in the Aylesbury branch of this chain at the weekend did I find downright deceptive pricing but more importantly a total inability to deal with customer feedback. Often Wilkinson’s will increase the price of a line and put the slogan on the product “Great Price.” Well it certainly will be a greater price (than they previously charged) and of course the slogan has no legal meaning – they may as well put “Fresher Price” on the product, it would still be as meaningless and more pointedly, deceptive. But it seems Wilkinson’s doesn’t treat customers with much respect as the Barrow Boy in charge of Marketing at their HQ in Nottinghamshire has decided they are a bit stupid and can’t add.


Wilkinson Aylesbury – Happy to take your money but not feedback in store

So in I go to the store to buy some wild bird seed – I hasten to add I don’t own any wild birds, in fact I suspect they own me! So I see a BIG sign for 2 kg of wild bird food which tells me “I’m Only” £2.75 and as obviously I’m knocked over at this amazing price it tells me at the bottom “Yes you read it right!” Well that at least was true because right beside “I’m only £2.75” was 1 kg of the same bird seed for 72p a kg, which means 2kg was only £1.44. So such misleading signage “I’m only £2.75” for 2kg was a whopping 90% more expensive than buying two of the 1kg packets!

This is one of numerous misleading price “discrepancies” I have noticed in Wilko’s over the years and seeing as their other slogan is “We are a family company dedicated to giving you good honest products at fair honest prices” I thought they might appreciate some polite feedback. Not on your Nelly!! I speak to a women at the Customer Service (sic) Point in front of a big “How can I help you” notice and found out that was just the notice – the reality is they can’t and they don’t want to.



I gave my feedback about them taking the bird on bird food and without a hint of irony “How can I help you” said “I can’t do anything, you need to contact our customer services number or email head office.” Somewhat stunned I politely mentioned they are a retailer and people walk in through their shop doors and decide to buy or not buy in store so they should be able to deal with their  feedback in store. Our Titaness of Customer Service was having none of this nonsense  from me; “I only work here and nobody will listen to me.” With that she turned around and walked away. As I left the store feeling doubly disrespected as a customer  “How can I help you” was in an animated conversation with another staff member pointing in my direction no doubt as an imbecile customer who dared to complain about deceptive and misleading


More fun was to be had from the hilarious statements on Wilkinson’s website:

“Tell us what you think – whatever’s being said, we want to know. That includes everything from our service, to the shop floor to our practices as a retailer and our work in supporting your area. We’re proud to be in your communities and want you to be proud to shop with us.”

However by the time I got to the Mission Statement I was reaching for the incontinence pants!!

Our Mission

‘What can you do/have you done to passionately deliver extraordinary everyday shopping in the heart of the community?’

Our mission is a call to action. We want everyone to ask at the beginning of every day “what am I going to do today to deliver extraordinary shopping?”, and at the end of every day, “what have you done today to deliver extraordinary shopping?”

Got a story about crappy, misleading pricing in Wilkinson’s and a company which gives a good talk but dismally fails to walk the talk with poorly trained and motivated staff then you can add the final insult to your injury by contacting them on their equally hilarious Twitter Handle:

@LoveWilko  < No irony here, is this a question?


Wilko – an irony free zone

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