Woburn Safari Park

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A good day out is the Safari Park on the Duke of Bedfordshire’s Estate at Woburn Abbey. As well as the Safari Park you can visit his ancestral home Woburn Abbey and Woburn village which is a well preserved Georgian village with many antique shops and a Farmers Market on a Sunday morning. The Village has a number of upmarket eateries including the Woburn Inn and Lough Fyne sea food restaurant but there are also some down to earth pubs offering well priced food.

The Safari Reserves, with their wide open spaces, provide the perfect habitat for the park’s animals to roam freely and behave naturally. They also offer you the opportunity to get an unparalleled look at the world’s most magnificent creatures.

You drive your own vehicle through the reserves as often as you wish during the day. Each circuit takes between 45 minutes to one hour. You’ll experience the thrill of being right alongside White Rhino, Tigers, Lions and Giraffes to name but a few. On the Navajo Trail you’ll encounter bears and wolves running together, just as they would have in Britain around 1000 years ago. You’ll also drive your car through Europe’s most diverse primate reserve, spotting three different types of Monkey.

Some of the animals to look out for in the Safari Reserves are: Rhino, Eland, Scimitar Horned Oryx (Antelope), Lechwe (Antelope), Gemsbok (Antelope), Giraffe, Ankole, Zebra, Elephant, Camel, Bison, Bongo (Antelope), Lions, Tigers, Wolves, Black Bear, Congo Buffalo, Colobus and Patas Monkeys and Barbary Apes.

After you have driven through the reserves you can park up at the foot safari area. This has a number of supervised areas kids (young and old) will find fascinating including Land of Lemurs which features these charming animals, Australian Walkabout which features wallabies and Rheas, Monkey Business which features Squirrel Monkeys who are accomplished pickpockets, Penguin and Sea Lion pools and a Lynx enclosure. There is also a pond with Swan Boats and a narrow gauge railway which takes you to see other animals such as Bactrian Camels, Addax and the Birds of Prey enclosure. Needless to say in this area you will also find “retail opportunities” and a number of restaurants including the impressive Mammoth Play Ark.

Woburn Village

Situated just off Junctions 12 or 13 of the M 1 the Safari Park is an impressive day out which represents good value for money. Don’t try to do Woburn House and the Safari Park in one day as there will not be enough time.

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