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As an extension of Quiet Zones on trains it is good to see Train Companies providing UKIP free carriages for commuters who have to deal with reality. There are few more dismal sights for law abiding citizens of our diverse and colourful country to realise they are trapped on a train opposite members of the United Kingdom Idiots Party who then flaunt their lack of intellect by openly and brazenly flourishing the Daily Mail or the Daily Heil as it is known in journalistic circles. Not so long ago they thought Herr Hitler was a decent chappie who had brought discipline to Germany and who we should do business with.

Today, it indulges in the “Last refuge of a scoundrel”, a narrow inane “patriotism” whilst appealing to racist hypochondriacs with scare stories about immigrants ruining Britain and medical scare / wonder-cure stories. A bit like Fox News without the graphics or indeed the TV. In fairness to middle-England its circulation has been declining, an indication that even “Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells” has had enough of this journalism free zone.


So it is welcome that The Daily Mail is now banned from Train Carriages and open minded (or indeed people with any mind) are not scandalised by Mail readers indulging in flagrante on Public Transport. This will help to discourage groups of Kippers speaking in deliberately loud voices that the UK would be a great place if it wasn’t for THEM FOREIGNERS destroying OUR culture. This in itself is a strange observation as their idea of culture appears to be getting hammered in scruffy pubs while eating pork scratchings to prove they are not Muslim before getting into their 4 x 4 to shout abuse at foreigners on the way home. If the 4 x 4 is a genuine old Land Rover smoker even better!

UKIP. Just like real world politics only simpler, much simpler.   

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