The UKIP Calypso – A song for the slightly racist

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UkipposterIt is no secret that UKIP is a party of people who feel Golliwog owners are discriminated against and long for the good old days you could openly talk about Nig-Nogs with your mates in the pub and caravan owners were respected. For a party which claims to be non-racist and sensible it seems every week it has to expel another racist and nutter even it cannot defend. Probably that is why 90% of its funding comes from former Tory supporting millionaires who feel the British Public can be bought with cheap populist slogans. UKIP-leader-Nigel-FarageUKIpIndian


Man behind the music (sic): former Radio 1 DJ and washed up celebrity Mike Read

A song performed in a mock Caribbean accent which UKIP leader Nigel Farage has backed to top the charts today sparked further accusations of racism. The song, by former Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, was endorsed by Mr Farage when he called on his Twitter followers to “help get the UKIP Calypso by The Independents to Number 1.” It criticises mainstream political parties for allowing “illegal immigrants in every town”, and warns listeners against trusting the Prime Minister’s pledges on EU reform.

“The British people have been let down, that’s why UKIP is making ground. From Crewe to Cleethorpes, from Hull to Hendon, they don’t believe Cameron’s referendum,” sings Read. Mr Farage’s endorsement of the song sparked a backlash on Twitter, where one user deemed it “ill-judged, offensive and downright awful.”

Michael Abberton posted: “The UKIP Calypso… a song about immigration by a party claiming not to be racist, sung by old white man with fake Jamaican accent.” Others poked fun at the party’s attempts to tackle allegations of racism. One posted: “Because the perfect way of making your party seem not racist is releasing a song sung in a mock Jamaican accent.” Another wrote: “A white guy singing about immigration in a bad Caribbean accent probably isn’t the best way to prove you’re not racist.”

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