The World’s Finest Police: An Update

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Rioting in Tottenham, London in August 2011 after Mark Duggan was shot nearby

Rioting in Tottenham, London in August 2011 after Mark Duggan was shot nearby

The inquest on the shooting dead of Mark Duggan in London in August 2011 has concluded that he was lawfully killed by the Police. His family have said they will fight for justice after an inquest jury concluded by a majority of 8 to 2 that he was lawfully killed by police. Mr Duggan was shot dead by armed officers in August 2011 in Tottenham, sparking riots across England. Following the inquest at the Royal Courts of Justice, his aunt Carole Duggan said he had been “executed”. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has asked for a meeting with local community leaders.

Mark Duggan (deceased)
Let us remind ourselves of the original lie told by the Police about the Mark Duggan shooting repeated verbatim in The Daily Telegraph in August 2011 after a Police briefing;

A policeman’s life was saved by his radio last night after gunman Mark Duggan opened fire on him and the bullet hit the device.

Mark Duggan

Mark Duggan

A remarkable assertion by the Police repeated across the media containing not a single word of truth designed to justify in the public mind Mark Duggan’s death. There were angry scenes outside the court, with supporters of Mr Duggan’s family chanting “murderers” at Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley as he read a statement. Jurors concluded Mr Duggan did not have a gun when he was shot by officers who surrounded a minicab he was travelling in. But the jury said it was more likely than not that Mr Duggan had thrown a gun from the vehicle just before he was killed. The weapon was found about 20ft (6m) away from the scene but there was no DNA evidence presented to link it to Mr. Duggan.


Mark Duggan is one of over 400 people who have died after “contact” with the Police in the UK in the past 10 years. They include an unarmed naked man shot in bed with his girlfriend, Ian Tomlinson a news vendor trying to walk home and avoid a protest, Harry Stanley shot carrying a chair leg in East London, a Brazilian electrician shot in the head on a Tube train and numerous deaths in Police Custody.

It must be a great comfort to the corpses (if not their families) to know in the past 10 years not one person was murdered by the Police and no Police Officer has even been convicted of Manslaughter, a truly remarkable record which shows there is at least one crime figure the Police don’t need to lie about!!




They do however lie about everything else to do with crime which means that reported Crime Figures in the UK are totally meaningless. On the same day as the Mark Duggan verdict the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe had to tell a Parliamentary Committee there is a “truth” to allegations by a police whistleblower that crime statistics were massaged.

Metropolitan Police officer James Patrick has alleged rape and sexual offences were being under-reported by as much as a quarter. PC Patrick, who is currently subject to disciplinary proceedings by the force, told the committee in November that crimes had been reclassified to get them “off the books”. Massaging figures to hit performance targets had become “an engrained part of policing culture”, he said. The officer had found disparities between the numbers of burglary reports and those finally recorded while working in a specialist role looking at the recording of crime. He had also found that “the Met had effectively been under-recording rape and serious sexual offences by between 22% and 25%”.


 Ian Tomlinson being treated by Paramedics before he died - Scotland Yard  wrongly claimed on their website that police were pelted with  rocks and glass as he was being treated - They later took down the claim

Ian Tomlinson being treated by Paramedics before he died – Scotland Yard
wrongly claimed on their website that police were pelted with
rocks and glass as he was being treated – They later took down the claim


It means, in effect, that there is not a single UK Crime statistic which can be trusted and the industry of over 300 people producing them is effectively worthless. Former commissioner Lord Stevens has said “fiddling of figures” has been going on since he joined the police. He told the Home Affairs Select Committee on Tuesday that officers had warned him the massaging of crime statistics was the “biggest scandal coming our way”, the Daily Telegraph reported. In addition many people in the UK have simply given up reporting minor crimes as over 60% of those reported are flagged as “no action” by our outstanding Police Service.




Even if they do get to court figures also released today show that in England over 50% of those convicted of violent or sexual crimes do not receive a custodial sentence. The “Crime Fighting” experts refer to this as “The Justice Gap” in an attempt to present this as something normal. The Public on the other hand who pay for this farce with their taxes probably see this as a Justice Chasm and a complete betrayal of their trust by the Justice system they pay for?

Here is what they teach apprentice Cops in the UK on their first day in Cop School:




“In the British model of policing, police officers are citizens in uniform. They exercise their powers to police their fellow citizens with the implicit consent of their fellow citizens. Policing by consent is the phrase used to describe this. It denotes that the legitimacy of policing in the eyes of the public is based upon a general consensus of support that follows from transparency about their powers, demonstrating integrity in exercising those powers and their accountability for doing so”

That’s what they are taught on their first day, after that they move rapidly onto Advanced Policing.


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