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Europe2ndnationalityThe map of Europe above shows the flag of the 2nd largest nationality, by country of birth, living in each country. Thus, it may include citizens and those who have moved temporarily for work. Nevertheless, there are many surprises, such as:

Ireland is no longer the largest source of foreign born residents to the UK. Since 2011, they’ve dropped to 4th, behind India, Poland and Pakistan.

Neither the Cezch Republic nor Slovakia are each other’s second largest nationality, despite both being successor states to Czechoslovakia.

Despite both being comprised primarily of ethnic Albanians, neither Kosovo nor Albania are each other’s second largest national group.

Poles make up the 2nd largest group in Ireland, Iceland, Norway and Lithuania.


Turks make up the 2nd largest group in not only Germany, but also the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Bulgaria.

Although you can barely see it on the map Portugal born residents are the 2nd largest group in Luxembourg, while Brazilians make up the 2nd largest group in Portugal.

The impact of the former USSR can still be fairly clearly seen, given that Russians make up the 2nd largest group in Estonia, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. However, in Russia itself Ukrainians are the 2nd largest group.

Similarly Serbs make the 2nd largest group in 4 of the 7 successor states to Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) yet Hungarians are the 2nd largest group in Serbia.

Finally, the 2nd largest group in Spain, Italy and Hungary are Romanians not Chadians.ukpirish

Controversially, the map author decided to include Kurdistan as a separate nation. And states that: “I did have a dilemma with Turkey because although Kurdistan isn’t a country, Kurds (who don’t consider themselves to be Turkish) are by far the 2nd most populous, and it would be misleading to suggest otherwise.” EU-MIGRANTS-570

Finally, because somebody is going to mention it, the United Kingdom is treated as single country in the map above in keeping with the Countries in the International Organization for Standardization. None of the 4 constituent countries of the UK is a Sovereign state and thus is not be listed separately.

For more you should also have a look at the Most Popular Migrant Destinations By Country map.


Notice any other interesting, surprising or mistaken things in the map above. The UN estimates that there were 232 million people living outside their country of birth in 2013, roughly 3.2% of the world’s population. To put this in perspective, if migrants formed one country, it would be the world’s 5th most populous.

Don’t tell UKIP or the Daily Mail, but the UK is not the most popular destination for any Eastern European country except Lithuania.

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