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Great British Cultural Ambassadors abroad in Magaluf

The Daily Express has taken a break from its core diet of “Who killed Princess Diana” and diseases for hypochondriacs to, surprise, surprise, bash immigrants again! The Express is such a laughing stock with its immigrant bashing stories that even the weather is a threat from abroad as in “Dust and searing heat arrive from North Africa.” So it continues with its latest manufactured outrage that a Polish couple, living and working in England are deported from Turkey to England!!


In the Daily Excess’s own panting porno prose:

“Mercin Flakiewiez, 37, and his wife Jolanta, 36, were banned from returning to Turkey for five years and put on a plane to London, where they live. As their home is in the UK, Border Agency officials are powerless to stop them coming back. A judge heard Jolanta had stripped naked and strutted around the pool in Marmaris. Hotel security staff roused Mercin who had passed out on a sunbed after a vodka binge. Mercin attacked the security team before smashing up the poolside bar.

He punched Russian tourists who tried to intervene and then attacked police officers who arrived to arrest him. Six people later needed hospital treatment.” One local said: “Lucky for us they have been booted out of Turkey – unlucky for Britain.” – Notice the use of unattributable manufactured comments to bolster the shock! horror! outrage of the story.

Like many of the Daily Express’s immigration fare this is designed as click bait to let its readers vent their spleen about immigration and boy do the Neanderthals, Xenophobes and Knuckle Draggers come out in their droves to make the same classy comments  and boy they don’t disappoint!

NicSmith – Are these the same hard working, law abiding migrants that many pro-migration people say do so much for our economy?

mycatdomino – typical Poles they take everything they can from us

Octogenarian85 – Tholse EU Dictators, lumber our once tranquil country, with Eastern European Criminals, Pickpocketers, Beggars, Squatters and other undesirables which we cannot dispose of by their laws. Now ISLAM Turkey, decides to send Polish Drunks to us, not Poland.  Who will Turkey send when they join the EU??.

Freddy – How can it be possible for these ex commies to be deported to our country instead of their own? I dont give a toss if they have an address here probably scamming the benefits system. Disgusting couple.

polish airmen

Bloody Poles! Coming over here and fighting for our freedom!

express_19711Yeah Daily Express readers – this is such a shame as British Holidaymakers are such wonderful ambassadors for their country when they go abroad – they are such a wonderful argument for cultural superiority!

Is this the same Poland and Poles you are abusing who have shown the lazy, self satisfied British how to work hard, change their nappies in every care home, fought like tigers in the RAF and British Army for democracy, enabled you to break the Nazi codes, had one third of their population killed in WW 11, had the greatest mass murder in history committed on their soil, were betrayed after WW11 and forbidden from marching with the Allies in the London Victory Parade in 1946 so as not to upset “Uncle Joe”, our “Great Ally?”

You don’t have to have a low IQ and live in a reactionary time warp to be a Daily Express reader but you would never guess it from the odious comments here.


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