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Schadenfreude is a bit like Extreme Unction – a funny name but great stuff. Consider then the dolorous tale of Karma biting back  with former St Austell-Newquay Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert banned from driving for six months after he was caught on a speed camera he had campaigned to have installed.

Gilbert drove through St Blazey on January 2 at 38mph when the limit was 30mph. Bodmin magistrates were told today the former MP had also been caught speeding three days earlier on December 31, and came to court with nine penalty points already on his licence. Steve Cox, defending, said at the time of the offences, it had been a very busy time for Gilbert as the general election was looming and he was running up very high mileage driving around his constituency.speed-camera-sign

“He had already built up several points (on his licence) in the past, and was caught on a speed camera he had got funding for in the first place,” said Mr Cox. Asked by the court why he had not completed a means form, Gilbert, of Porthpean Road, St Austell, said he had no income and was paying his bills from his savings. Magistrates imposed a further three points on his driving licence which brought the figure to 12 and banned Gilbert from driving for six months. They also ordered him to pay a fine and costs totalling £205.

Stephen Gilbert was part of the Great Liberal Democrat Massacre at the 2015 General Election when their years of spineless collaboration with the Tories resulted in them going from having 57 MPs to the grand and irrelevant total of 8. Stephen Gilbert lost his seat to Conservative Steve Double and like the Party nationally is now unemployed and unemployable. To add insult to injury UK Speed Cameras are painted in the Party’s national colour – Yellow.  speedcamera

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s comment about the death of Little Nell in Dickens’s The Old Curiosity Shop “One must have a heart of stone to read of the banning of Stephen Gilbert without laughing.”

Daily Mail MP Stephen Gilbert at the Pasty Summit which was held at Lowin House, Truro in Cornwall. 11 April 2012

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