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A political Dwarf pictured with Happy


“Business will be even greater when I’m filling my boots!”

Throughout this Sceptred Isle people are sharing the pain and agony of an MP from the Self Servative Party who says he can’t live on £300k a year. Yesterday, Mark Simmonds a cabinet minister quit the government because he said he can’t live on his salary & expenses of £300,000 but the Tory Work and Pensioners minister Iain Duncan Smith says you can live on £53 per week. What an out of touch party, what out of touch government, what a shower of Self Servatives are the Conservative Party and their flat footed Leader (sic), David Cameron. Simmonds also confirmed he is not defending his seat and is stepping down as MP for Boston and Skegness in Lincolnshire at the next election in 2015.

The Minister for Africa (or was it Another Planet?), Mark Simmonds,  resigned saying that he can’t live on his current income as it does not allow him to buy a family home in SW1. A state of affairs many are calling the saddest thing ever to happen since Bambi’s mother was killed. Brave Simmonds manages to eke out a barely tolerable existence on just the following yearly income:

Ministerial salary: £89,435

Expenses: £173,436.96 (claimed in 2013)

Second Home Allowance: £28,000

Child Allowance: £7,500

Employing wife as his secretary: £25,000

Advisor to Circle Healthcare: £50,000


‘The sacrifice to family life has become intolerable and the support for continuance of family life is not there’ Mark Me Me Me Simmonds


You know what to decide

He also recently made £537,500 on the sale of a London home that the tax-payer was paying the mortgage interest for. On his ongoing struggles to find a home Simmonds told the BBC “Of course if MPs want to get into the business of travelling extensively from Westminster to the outer reaches of London to rent a flat then that’s up to them but that’s not the lifestyle I want…” 

Camerons in Cascais

Did they all get away?

Worth mentioning too that this stalwart of devoted Public Service voted for the Bedroom Tax and welfare cuts and voted against paying higher benefits over longer periods for those unable to work due to illness or disability.

No Conservative Prime Minister has commanded a General Election majority since “Good John” Major in 1992 and a clutch of Senior Self Servatives, Louise Mensch, Sayeeda Warsi, Boris Johnson and now Mark Me Me Me Simmonds  have told us by their actions that after the General Election in May 2015 there will be no market for the annual holiday snaps of Call me Dave and Sam Cam pointing at fish. Mark Simmonds resignation on a Lack of Principle owes nothing to Gaza or Africa and everything to UKIP and tells us David Cameron will be following him out of Politics in a few short months.

David Cameron with the future failed Self Servative Leader


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