Paddy Ashdown calls out an extremist Politician

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Paddy Ashdown did an AMA (Ask Me Anything)  on the Liberal Democrat subreddit last week, and he had some words of warning regarding the Tory government.

Reddit user oliethefolie asked the former Lib Dem leader:

While I’m not a Lib Dem, my favourite aspect of the Lib Dems is their focus on freedom, like stopping the Snooper’s charter. What do you fear will happen with a Tory majority with curtailing freedoms?

To which Lord Ashdown responded:

“I really believe this has all the makings of one of the worst Governments of our time. I think Mr Cameron is one of the most dangerous Prime Minsters I can remember. Not because he is not a decent man. He is a decent man with broadly decent instincts. Nor because he does not believe in anything (except that Britain would be better run by people like him – though that is true too). Nor because he intends to do damage. He does it all unwittingly. But that does not lessen the damage.

He is so short term, casual and unthinking about the things he grabs hold of. And the consequences? in 70 days (just 70 days) he has put the Union at risk, ditto our future in Europe, placed a charge of dynamite under our constitution with English Votes for English Laws and put a noose around the neck of the BBC.

Not bad considering all that has been done by accident.”


In a double whammy David Cameron was also called out last week for his accidental extremism by none other than Barack Obama. He said without any ambiguity he wants Britain to stay in the European Union and help maintain the post-war transatlantic partnership, prompting angry responses from Eurosceptic lawmakers in London.

“Having the United Kingdom in the European Union gives us much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union,” Obama said in an interview with the BBC late on Thursday, adding that Britain’s membership of the EU had helped make the world a safer and more prosperous place since World War Two. “We want to make sure that the United Kingdom continues to have that influence,” he said. “Because we believe that the values that we share are the right ones, not just for ourselves, but for Europe as a whole and the world as a whole.” cameronQueen

This led to feigned cries of pain from the visceral Eurosceptics who found a hitherto unknown sensitivity. Here is one example from a Conservative commentator Walaa Idris:

“Looks like President Obama has put his foot in it. Friends, allies and partners care for one another. They are usually careful when and how to offer advice and support. And, when they do, they do it without publicly showing off one another. This is exactly what Mr Obama failed to do. As an ‘ally’ and a ‘special friend’ he should have been a little more sensitive about Britain’s feelings and considered them before speaking out, but he did neither.

There are many bad things about the Obama presidency. But for Britons Obama will be remembered as the self – important president that caused the most damage to the special relation of our two nations. Personally, I’m glad his term will soon be over. January 20th, 2017 cannot come soon enough. “


Here is another Conservative who doesn’t accept the emphatic result of two US elections and Barack Obama stating the bleeding obvious, that Britain’s position and influence in the world derives from its position in Europe, a position compromised by policy being made on the hoof by Cameron to deal with a split in the Conservative Party between post Imperial knuckleheads who can’t deal with reality and would be happier in UKIP sprouting neo-nationalist rot about “putting Britain First.” It all amounts to saying Stop the World we want to get off. churchill-forward-together

It is also an attempt to dismantle Churchill’s legacy in ensuring a State could not trample on the rights of its citizens and claim legal authority as the Nazis did – hence the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) which has nothing to do with the EU. Churchill was also a great supporter of  European Union to lance the boil of division and conflict on that Continent.

Churchill wasn’t a little Englander; not only did he promote and support a ‘kind of’ United States of Europe, in which Britain would play a key role in helping to create, he also had a future vision of world government.  After the first British victory of the Second World War at El Alamein, Churchill wrote to his foreign secretary, Anthony Eden, on 21 October 1942:

‘Hard as it is to say now.. I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible.’

No doubt the Old Bulldog would add a few choice words of his own about PR Dave’s accidental extremism. Move along now, there is nothing more to see here!

“There are people born & raised in this country who feel little or no attachment to other people here.” ‪#‎Cameron‬ ‪#‎Osborne‬ ‪#‎Boris‬


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