No trousers on The Tube again!

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You may well have felt a little overdressed on London Underground today! Hundreds of Tube passengers dropped their trousers for a day of semi-nakedness on the London Underground. Bewildered Londoners watched on in shock as hordes of undressed revellers boarded trains across the capital on Sunday with only underwear to preserve their modesty below the waist. The brave passengers were taking part in the annual No Pants Tube Ride, a phenomenon imported from the US, where more than a decade ago seven men threw off their trousers and rode the New York subway for a prank.

In a post on the website of Improv Everywhere, the international organisers said: “The idea behind No Pants is simple: Random passengers board a subway car at separate stops in the middle of winter without pants. The participants behave as if they do not know each other, and they all wear winter coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. The only unusual thing is their lack of pants.”

Twitter user Ben Norris posted: “There are people on the tube wearing #notrousers. I’ve no idea why. But it’s pretty hilarious. Business torso and essentially naked legs.”

This year’s event saw passengers from up to 60 cities, from New York to Beijing, strip down to their briefs. London’s usually unflappable commuters shared a rare chuckle together as the capital showed it is not too stuffy to join in the fun. Organisers insist that underwear must be worn, but otherwise prefer passengers to look as if they are going about their daily business as usual. To that end, they are encouraged to read newspapers or books – to reflect how they may behave during the course of a normal journey.

About 500 people showed up to today’s event at 3pm in Chinatown and were split into 5 groups to take different routes through the London Underground.

Guide Ben Gerrey, 23, from Brighton was leading one group. He said: “People don’t talk to each other on the tube. But when you’ve got your trousers off lots of people talk to you, and I like talking to people. One time a passenger started to talking to one of my group members and myself, and five minutes later he took his own trousers off. It was brilliant.” nopants3nopants2

This activity is not endorsed by London Underground but the part-time Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, well that could be another story as he has some form in dropping his pants, or trousers as we call them here in civilisation.

Remember your Tube Etiquette on “No Pants Day” – no flash photography on the Underground.


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