No Hawkers, Salesmen or UKIP wide boys.

Posted by The Skibbereen Eagle | March 11, 2015 0

ukip1We all know that embarrassing moment when Kippers come to your door and pretend to be your friend. You hope the neighbours aren’t around as they arrive in their tweeds, cavalry twill trousers and brogues for Kippers are SOOO Engerlish. Then they start talking in loud voices about taking back OUR country from THEM – but of course in such a non-racist way for UKIP is a non-racist party which just seems to attract racists. Now you can save yourself from these embarrassing encounters by printing your very own anti-UKIP posters.


These anti-UKIP posters have been spotted in Soho and Farringdon. They were put up by Crowdwish, an app which allows users to anonymously submit wishes, which are then voted on by its community and the winners enacted. As the company’s CEO Bill Griffin explained to The Eagle: “The idea is you take something ephemeral like a hope or wish or aspiration and turn it into something concrete.”

On Tuesday, the wish they made come true was ‘I wish Nigel Farage would just give it up’ – so Crowdwish made the posters and put them up in central London and online.


Griffin says they have now been inundated with “well over 100” emails from people wanting their own copies of the posters. Expect to see one in a town near you soon – except if you live in Kent. What next? Anti Jeremy Clarkson posters? I wouldn’t put it past those evil Lefties not to give middle aged, white, multi-millionaire TV celebrities with homes in the Cotswolds an even break in this country?


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