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The Health Secretary is embroiled in a row with the BMA after claiming that 6,000 people die every year because of ‘Monday to Friday’ NHS.

People admitted at weekends by definition are emergency not routine admissions – they would be a higher risk group anyway. The real question is do they get appropriate medical care and how many would not die if medical care was different? The answer to that question will not be 6,000 or anything like it. The figures quoted by Jeremy Hunt are totally misleading.

As his real world experience is limited to PR and Directory Publishing he probably has little understanding behind his confident Public Schoolboy front, bought with an expensive private education at Charterhouse. From a privileged moneyed background Jeremy Hunt is the son of an Admiral and shows all the failing of empathy and leadership you would expect of privileged hothouse kids in later life. Probably the reason he made a total arse of himself as Culture Secretary and had to be moved as he compromised himself by displaying pro-Murdoch bias during the Leveson Inquiry on Press Abuse.

Doctors, nurses and hospital workers across the country are sending photos of themselves to Jeremy Hunt to prove they work over the weekend as he pushes for seven-day services. The Health Secretary claimed a “Monday to Friday” culture existed parts of the NHS in a speech on Thursday that fuelled an ongoing row with the British Medical Association (BMA). In the wake of his comments, enraged medical staff have been sharing pictures of themselves at work with the hashtag #ImInWorkJeremy.

The hashtag was trending on Twitter in the UK on Saturday morning, having been used more than 17,000 times. It drew huge support from the public, with some praising medical staff as “heroes” and highlighting Mr Hunt’s Parliamentary holiday time. “Apologies, but Jeremy Hunt is out of office so won’t be able to read your #ImInWorkJeremy tweets,” one commenter joked. “He’ll be back on Monday at 11am. Ish.” nhslabour

But some people argued that if doctors were working, they should not be using Twitter, while others defended the Health Secretary’s comments. However no doubt in common with all NHS Staff they are also angry at the persistent understaffing and their pay being cut in real terms for 5 years with more of the same in years ahead. In common with all Public Sector workers their jobs have been devalued and been subject to a constant drip, drip of negative ideological propaganda from the Tories.

Outlining his plans for NHS reform, Mr Hunt claimed 6,000 people die every year because of the lack of a “proper seven day service” in some areas. He has given the BMA six weeks to negotiate changes to working contracts for hospital consultants and junior doctors and threatened to force the extra hours if they do not comply. nhs10

Dr Mark Porter, chair of the BMA council, said doctors support weekend hospital services and have repeatedly called on the government to give concrete proposals on how they will fund and staff them.

“This is a blatant attempt by the Government to distract from its refusal to invest properly in emergency care,” he added. Current consultant contracts allow senior doctors to opt out of weekend work while on call as long as it is not an emergency.


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