Monty the Penguin is a Star!

Posted by The Skibbereen Eagle | November 6, 2014 0

Monty-Christmas-high-resThis may be controversial, but we reckon this might be the most tear-jerking, heart-warming advert John Lewis have ever created. Meet Monty the penguin. And make sure there are tissues to hand…

Yup,you’ve guessed it.  The new John Lewis Christmas advert for 2014 is here – and the anticipation of the warm fuzzy feeling and tears is there the second you think about it – but we reckon they’ve outdone themselves this year, with a level of love between a boy and his penguin that you can’t even comprehend. Everyone – meet #MontythePenguin Add to this the haunting music – ‘Real Love’ performed by Tom Odell (the original song was written by John Lennon), and you are just a weeping mess waiting to happen.montysam

After the success of last year’s Bear and the Hare animated ad, which attracted more than 10m views on YouTube, the department store group has raised its game with the help of Monty, a CGI-animated penguin. The ad cost about £1m to make.

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