Minion terrorises Dublin

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credit: Erin Van Londen / Facebook

Motorists in Dublin got a shock this afternoon, as a giant inflatable Minion flew loose of its tether and tumbled across a main road by the Omni Centre in Santry, North Dublin. The 40-foot inflatable character from the movie Minions got loose from a Dublin fairground on Monday and caused confusion when it blocked a road.

The Minions have been travelling the world since time began to find their leader (or so the film goes…) and it seems their latest destination was north Dublin. Earlier the creation had caught the attention of tweeters.

The Police were called had to be called, and the air was let out of the inflatable. ‘According to a witness, one driver had the wing-mirror knocked off his car. But otherwise there were no injuries.’

“I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” Erin Van Londen, from Portmarnock, said. “It’s been very windy in the area.”

A local resident who witnessed the incident told the Eagle that “everyone seems to have had a bit of fun from it,” but one Dublin city councillor took the accident more seriously, tweeting, “Escaped Minion at Omni in Santry may seem hilarious but its a dispicable breach of health & safety.” MinionEscapeSantry

It’s unclear whether the councillor’s choice of words was intentionally referring to the original movie the Minions characters appeared in, Despicable Me. Whatever the large inflatable was designed to promote, it generated more Minion mischief than anyone had likely bargained for.

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