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The Skibbereen Eagle makes no bones about being a Labour supporting WebZine and welcomes the changes to Labour Party organisation made today in the Excel Centre, London. They are based on the report by the former Party Secretary Ray Collins which were published before Xmas and widely discussed with Constituency Party’s and the 15 Trade Unions affiliated to the party which was founded almost 114 years ago today to get elected people representing the values of the Labour and Co-operative Movement’s to Parliament. That is still the purpose of the Labour Party.


Proposals to change the link between Labour and the unions have been approved at the conference of party members by an overwhelming majority. Leader Ed Miliband had urged a “one member, one vote” system for leadership elections and an end to the automatic affiliation of union members. He praised the party’s “courage to change” after members backed the plans by 86.29% in favour. Unite boss Len McCluskey said union members would “rise to the challenge”.

Now is the time for all progressive forces to unite wholeheartedly to ensure Britain elects a Labour Government in 2015. Left wing splittism always ensures a Tory Government, simples! I know (and respect) the varied views on the left but the bottom line is this, UK elections are won from the Centre. It may be a bitter pill to swallow but as Ed put it today we won’t get elected by singing the old songs to ourselves. Before I am engulfed with white noise and screams of “sell out” I would much rather have a Labour Government informed by Labour values dealing with reality of power rather than protest and compromising to build a national consensus.

Far better that  rather than the disastrous selfishness of the ConDem Coalition or the self righteous purity of the sectarian Left  who have NEVER come within a cats piss of electoral support. Simples.


Some say all political parties are the same? They are not anything of the sort as has been amply demonstrated over the past four years? – If the Far Left can get the electorate to buy their extreme views they should go out there and sell it to them, but they will not buy them and the shameful entryism and use of fronts by SP / SWP etc; are both dishonest and a failure. The Labour Party was formed to get worker’s representatives elected and there is no shame in winning elections. Cheap catcalls about professional politicians is just meaningless nihilism. The Labour Party may be a broad church but it is only as good as its members and is the only electable progressive force. It is a great luxury to sit on the fence and catcall but it is not a tenable strategy.



aylesbury bannerBritain and its people have suffered too much under the amateurism and incompetence of the Tory led Aylesbury LabCoalition of opportunism over the past 4 wasted years of austerity as child poverty, marginalisation of the disabled and hunger has increased in the world’s eight richest economy. It is time to get rid of a Government which is weak with the strong and strong with the weak. The hardworking people of Britain need a Government which represents them and has the honest values of the Labour movement at the fore. Vote Labour in 2015.


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  • Frank Bates

    Found this WEBzine from a shared posting on Facebook. IIt takes a refreashingly sensible view

  • Phil

    So we end up with two Tory parties rather than one! Clement Atlee was asked a question about the American political parties once. He said something like, “there is one party called the Republican Party which is like our Conservative Party and another one called the Democrats which is like err…our Conservative Party! The problem with being in the middle of the road is that you get run over! (I think it was Nye Bevan who said that. As long as Labour denies it’s place as a working class party so we will have “same as same as” politics in this country and supporting one of the main stream parties will be akin to nothing more than supporting a particular football team!