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Now The Eagle doesn’t quite get the opprobrium heaped on hard working journalist Kay Burley but even I have to admit that her coverage of Paris in the aftermath of the DAESH attacks has been a bit gauche as opposed to Rive Gauche!  Kay Burley was roundly lampooned after posting an ill-timed photograph of a dog who she claimed had “sadness in his eyes” following the horrific Paris attacks. The Sky News reporter, a dog lover, shared a photograph of a Golden Retriever with the odd caption on Sunday morning, less than 36 hours after the worst terrorist atrocity to hit mainland Europe in more than a decade.

Mourners condemned the tweet as inappropriate while others produced spoof images of other animals and even people who also had “sadness in their eyes”.

The hashtag #sadnessinhiseyes began trending, providing some much-needed relief.

As well as animals and celebrities, food items such as breakfast cereal and potatoes were also deemed to have “sadness in their eyes”.

“I may be wrong,” wrote one Twitter user, “but I don’t think dogs understand concepts such as radical Islam and terrorism.”

Others were kinder, praising Burley for “dragging us back from dark deep introspection to pulling the p*** unmercifully”. As her other tweets show as well as factually reporting the news she was trying to capture the atmosphere in Paris and the mood of its citizens in the aftermath of the attacks but as they say in Paris “Attention, chien méchant!”

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