Judge warns his court is not the ‘Skibbereen Eagle’

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walldalyshannonAn Irish judge warned yesterday that he does not want his court to take on the role of the ‘Skibbereen Eagle’ during a case involving Dáil deputies Mick Wallace and Clare Daly, according to a report in the “Irish Independent.”


Daly and Wallace approaching a US Military plane at Shannon Airport

The TDs (members of the Irish Parliament) are appearing at Ennis District Court concerning their alleged illegal entrance into a restricted area of Shannon airport on July 22 last. Representing himself, Mr Wallace told the court that the reason that they entered the airport airfield was to search the military planes, because they were not being searched by the Irish authorities. The ‘Skibbereen Eagle’ newspaper is best known for a 1898 editorial where it warned that it would keep its eye on the Emperor of Russia.

Judge Patrick Durcan said that he didn’t want his court to embark on a trawl or trail of issues that are totally irrelevant to the case. The court was told that the US military cannot project military power in its global ‘war on terror’ without the use of Shannon Airport as it is currently configured. Security analyst Dr Tom Clonan yesterday said that “if Shannon was being used by any other group to cause the type of damage that the 2.25 million US troops that have passed through Shannon have caused, then the US would rightly identify it as a target”. He said that “Irish citizens are perceived now as a hostile party by Islamic resistance groups”.

After Gardaí presented a rope ladder in evidence, Mr Wallace asked Judge Patrick Durcan: “Can I have my rope ladder back?” Judge Durcan replied that the issue could be dealt with later in the case. Airport Police Officer Declan Vaughan told the court that when he came across the TDs inside the perimeter fence, Mr Wallace requested the assistance of the Irish Army to inspect a US military plane nearby. Sgt Donal O’Rourke told the court that on meeting with the two, he was told by Mr Wallace that they “entered the airport in order to make a political statement”. Sgt O’Rourke said that Ms Daly sustained a cut to her lip and her two fingers climbing over the airport perimeter fence, but he said that she declined any medical assistance offered. Shannon-1-jul-13-US-Hercules-C130-0986-and-4852

The Goon Show antics by two paid Dáil Deputies who gave themselves the “right” to search military aircraft parked by inter-government in a secure area of an international airport shows their addiction to meaningless gesture politics as one of the many “Independents” answerable to no one but their next needy soundbite. For Mick Wallace and Clare Daly are two fine representatives of Ireland’s bombast tendency to appoint themselves as consciences of the world (Clare Daly laughably lectured Barack Obama in the Dáil) while being somewhat less conscientious closer to home. Mick Wallace fraudulently misrepresented VAT (Irish Sales Tax) owed by his now failed building firm over a number of years with a loss to the Irish taxpayer of c. 2.5 million euros. He also has a court judgement against him for 19 million euros, a bill no doubt to be picked up by the Irish taxpayer which underwrote Ireland’s failed banks. Either of these failings (Tax Fraud and bankruptcy) would get him barred from Parliament in any other European country but in the Banana Republic he can still go around as Cock of the Walk in his pink shirt paid a handsome salary and expenses by the same taxpayers he defrauded and stung. wallacedaly

When the details of the failed property developers criminality became clear in 2012 Clare Daly left the Socialist Party rather than disown Mick Wallace, who had also deducted pension contributions from his workers but had not paid them over. She did an accountancy course at DCU (Dublin City University) where she was twice President of the Students Union. She worked for Aer Lingus (a failing state sponsored airline) where she became a Union rep hell bent on ensuring it could not compete before being a paid public representative answerable to, well herself! From such lofty heights she felt able to say that Ireland was behaving like a pimp towards Barack Obama – a video posted by the many internet loons as “Irish Parliamentarian calls out Barack Obama” or some similar nonsensical title.

Judge Durcan adjourned the case to March 10 and it appears despite his warnings the bumptious spirit of The Skibbereen Eagle lives on and to judge by the antics of Wallace and Daly, the Irish are still very popular with themselves. The and Duo who are great loss to Vaudeville!


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