Ireland of the Eulogies

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Brendan Behan once remarked that “The Irish are very popular with themselves” – Well this somewhat uncritical video seems to bear him out.  What makes Ireland great? A lot of people will have different answers but this video may have the perfect one.

Made by Sonder Visuals, the video captures some truly spectacular views from above and below some of Ireland’s national treasures and tourist havens. The video features a host of voices talking about Ireland, the things that make us Irish and all the wonderful things that people love about Ireland. natcounties_kerry_car

People comment on how friendly the people are, the craic, the cups of tea, the breathtaking scenery, the music, our history…the list goes on. The video goes from the top to bottom of the country remembering each and every one of the things that makes Ireland really great.Dublin_Grand_CanalSkellig-Islands-Ireland

It is a visual journey capturing spectacular views from above and below some of Ireland’s national treasures and tourist havens. Take a step back through the history of our beautiful country exploring the troubles of our past and the rising of our future.  It’s food for the soul and music to your ears as it encapsulates that Irish sense of humour through the voices and thoughts of our nation’s people. Whether you’re a jackeen from the city, a culchie from the sticks, a sports fanatic, an avid historian – or none of the above, this short film offers something for everyone.  Sit back, relax and prepare yourself for an overwhelming sense of pride or an inherent need to visit this great and green country of Ireland.

We’re feeling an awful lot of grá for our fair island.

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