Greece: The Question is?

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The Greeks have decided on the question they will put to the electorate on Sunday, regarding their future in the Eurozone.

Here it is:

And here it is in Greek:

For those who can’t read Greekdebtspeak, well, you’re on your own.

The two appendix documents – “Reforms for the completion of the current programme and beyond” and “Preliminary debt sustainability analysis” – don’t sound much more easily digestible than the ballot.

There is still a question over when and how voters will be presented with those documents, and whether world-class economists will be on hand at polling stations to explain them.

As well as being a little bit dense, the Greek ballot also controversially puts the “No” option – favoured by the Greek government – above the yes option, leading some to accuse it of bias.

It is an “unusual” format, said Katie Ghose, Chief Executive of the UK Electoral Reform Society.

Suggestions as to what the Question is on the back of a Greek stamp please. An EU whose democratic credentials are under populist assault from Britain to Budapest needs to avoid reinforcing a damaging caricature. It helped kill the Greek government of George Papandreou after he had proposed a controversial referendum on bailout terms in 2011.

Strong-arming a second administration out of consulting a suffering populace could look dangerously like haughty contempt.

It is a good time to overuse those two Greek words, Crisis and Chaos. Yammas!

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