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At the risk of overexciting The Eagle’s Welsh and Kiwi readership (you know who you are!) there is a Tumblr that shows you where sheep hang out around the world. You can see a lot of wonderful things via Google Street View. Google Maps’ photographic service can take you to the Coliseum in Rome or inside a museum. Or it can give you a glimpse of the secret lives of sheep.ireland_trip

Goats and sheep have replaced cats as the en vogue Internet animal, but there are also plenty of places in the world to find them in real life. Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos were always big fans of viewing sheep while riding the trains in the rural Netherlands, even before they started collecting screenshots of Google Street View that featured the woolly creatures for their Tumblr site, Google Sheep View.

Photographers Ding Ren and Mike Karabinos started Google Sheep View as a virtual substitute for the pastoral ovine views they get riding trains through the Netherlands. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2015 is the Year of the Sheep, so now seemed as good a time as any. sheep_design_ireland_t_shirt

The site is a testament to the sheer breadth of sheep diversity documented by Google Street View. There are sheep grazing, sheep seemingly wandering down roads all by themselves, sheep being herded en masse, sheep hanging out in the city. Big sheep, little sheep, fluffy sheep, scrawny sheep, spanning nationalities and breeds and colours. It’s a beautiful thing.

So all you woolly jumpers take a Thomas Cook at the Sheepfinder General:


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