Farewell to Bob Crow

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Bob Crow, RMT leader

Bob Crow was a pugnacious fighter and would no doubt have been surprised at the warmth and solidarity shown towards him since his death. Today as his funeral takes place in East London the focus will move to the private grief of a family who have lost him prematurely to heart disease at the age of 52. Hundreds of people are expected to join the funeral procession of Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union leader Bob Crow later. The union’s general secretary, who led the RMT from 2002, died of a suspected heart attack on 11 March. Friends and colleagues have been invited to line the route of the procession ahead of a private service and a large turnout is expected. The procession will feature trade union banners and flags and finish at City of London Cemetery and Crematorium.


Mick Cash, the RMT’s senior assistant general secretary, said Mr Crow’s death had rocked the trade union movement, both in this country and around the world. “The thousands of messages of condolence from every part of the globe are a testament to the courage, leadership and strength that Bob shared with so many people,” he said. Whilst Bob Crow’s funeral itself will be a strictly private affair, his friends and family recognise that many people will want to show their solidarity, respect and support, both on the day itself and on May Day. These arrangements give everyone a chance to play their part.”bobbanners


Bob Crow’s funeral cortege travels past Wanstead tube station

RMT president Peter Pinkney said: “Bob’s death leaves a massive gap in the lives of everyone who was fortunate enough to know him and represents a huge loss to the trade union and labour movement both in this country and internationally, and specifically, for the RMT members Bob led with such stunning success. “We would repeat the call for the privacy of Bob’s family and friends to be respected at this time.” BobCrowMS

These are the details issued by the RMT.


The funeral arrangements for our General Secretary Bob Crow were announced yesterday. The London Transport Regional Council invites you to honour and pay your respects to our friend, comrade and leader as he is laid to rest on Monday 24th of March.

We are meeting at 11:00 hours at the Kindertransport memorial outside Liverpool Street Station at 11:00 hours and we will be making our way to Manor Park station which is near the East London Crematorium and Cemetery. We aim to be there by 12 o’clock.

At 14:15 comrades are invited to the Leytonstone Ex-Servicemens Club, 2 Harvey Road, London E11, for a buffet and opportunity to reflect on the contribution Bob made to our union and the movement.

Long live the memory of Bob Crow!

Brian Munro

RMT Council of Executives

See; The Thoughts of Chairman Bob



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