Evil Belgian Communist kills kitten

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The weakness of Labour and Ed Miliband’s political opponents can be found in the nature of the arguments, or lack of them, with lots of personal abuse. Some of it from the swivel eyed loons (Downing Street’s description of the dwindling band of Tory activists) is risible with frequent references to “Champagne, millionaire, Socialist Red Ed” who knifed his brother in the back, yada, yada, yada.

Winston the Cat in 1944 (the end) 

That for the son of a destitute Jewish refugee who fled ahead of the approaching Nazis in fear of his life and arrived penniless and without being able to speak a word of English in Britain at the age of 15. When Ralph (born Adolphe) died in 1994 he was a Professor at the London School of Economics and Britain’s leading Marxist academic. What money the Miliband’s had was due to increasing property values as Margaret Thatcher got rid of exchange controls and London Property became a reserve currency for dodgy international figures. Surely the Tories would applaud a high achieving meritocrat and note his two sons were in the same “you get what you work for” mould?

Not a bit of it, with the scurrilous Daily Heil running a two page attempted hatchet job on Miliband Senior under the headline “The Man who hated Britain”. A profile of Mr Miliband’s father in the right-wing tabloid described Miliband senior as “the man who hated Britain” on the basis of remarks the academic made about the nationalism of the English when he was 17 and his well-known hard-left socialism and criticism of the establishment. Given his influence on his son, this “should disturb anybody who loves Britain”, the newspaper opined. Well, the article disturbed many people including the Tory Leader, David Cameron. Ed Miliband responded furiously. His father, he said, was proud to have fought for Britain, loved his country and had taught his children to do the same.

For the record the Daily Mail is better known over here as the Daily Heil as its proprietor was a “friend” of Herr Hitler and wrote an infamous “Stand up for the Blackshirts” article. He died in Bermuda where the Rothermere Family Trusts live and his son and his grandson, who happens to be Cameron’s best mate, are tax dodgers – Tories too patriotic to pay Great British Taxes.

See; The Daily Heil


But now even the vitriol of the Daily Heil has been eclipsed by the  story of the week in the Sunday Sport. The Sunday Sport describes itself as a Newspaper but nobody else shares this opinion. Here is their ground breaking journalism.

“Devastating evidence emerged last night that Ed Miliband’s Marxist father WAS evil. For Ralph Miliband stands accused of SLAUGHTERING a little girl’s innocent KITTEN in a DRUNKEN rampage… For Eunice Clark alleges that Miliband Senior RAN OVER and KILLED her dear bundle of joy Winston, while drunkenly pedalling his bicycle on a dark January night in 1944.”

Poor old Eunice will never forget:

“Only a Belgian – a Belgian communist – could have killed a kitten in cold blood like that. The Red b*****d!”

Ed Milband reacted to these dreadful revelations in fine form while collecting an award from the Spectator Magazine for Best Parliamentary speech. He gave a brilliant speech via the medium of video. He was funny, he was relaxed and he told the hilarious story about his father being accused of running over a cat on his bike during the war. Miliband Senior was riding the bike, not the cat. The audience of politicians and hacks loved it.

No doubt the swivel eyed Loons of the ToryKipper  Party will be upset at Red Ed not living up to his caricature so here is a pre-fabricated comment for them;

“Ed Multimillionaireband killed my hamster. I showed my hamster a picture of Ed Multimillionaireband and he just jumped in the air then keeled over and died. That’s what Socialists are good at, killing things and Countries.”

Ed Miliband


Here’s Ed Miliband’s (quite funny) acceptance video from the Spectator Parliamentarian of the year awards:

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