Elvis beats the LibDems!

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BusPass Elvis

Bus-pass Elvis

The FibDems got beaten by ‘Bus-pass Elvis” in last night’s council by-elections in Clifton North, Nottingham City Council, which was won by the Labour Party candidate, Patricia Ferguson.

Nick Clegg was left feeling all shook up after seeing the Lib Dems beaten by the Bus Pass Elvis Party in a council by-election. The deputy prime minister saw Lib Dem candidate Tony Marshall come in last place after receiving a miserable 56 votes. Ahead of him was apparent Elvis fan David Laurence Bishop (aka Lord Biro), who secured 67 votes in the council by-election in Clifton North, Nottingham.

Speaking this morning, Mr Bishop of Basford, who also goes by the name Lord Biro, said he was now “confident” of beating the Liberal Democrats at the general election. “It’s not the best news for the Liberal Democrats. But perhaps people actually liked my policies of legalising brothels with a 30 per cent reduction for OAPs and holding an enquiry into the cost of vets fees.”

lord biro

Lord Biro, who came fourth in a Nottingham by-election


So where now for the widely discredited Lib Dems who have comprehensively sold out on their “principles” to keep a radical and regressive Tory Government in power in the ConDem Coalition of opportunism? Voters have obviously seen through their ridiculous “pavement politics” devised by the discredited Lord Rennard where they latch onto local issues and pretend that National Policies have nothing to do with them.

Even the SDP turncoats who kept Thatcher in power realised it was time to fold their tent when Screaming Lord Sutch of the Monster Raving Looney Party beat them. So looking forward to the 2015 General Election it seems for the FibDems after their humiliation by Bus Pass Elvis it’s  ‘One for the money, two for the show!’ and afterwards a little less Representation?


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