David Cameron’s losing Immigration speech

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cameronimmigrationDavid Cameron has taken a stiff Twitter jab to the chin after the Czech Republic’s Europe Minister responded to the PM’s immigration speech by posting a picture of Czech pilots serving in the RAF during the Second World War. Tomas Prouza posted the picture on Friday, having been upset by Cameron’s suggestion that EU immigrants should only be allowed to claim welfare after they had been in the UK for four years. He responded by posting the following tweet, with the words: “These Czechs ‘worked’ in the #UK for less than four years. No benefits for them?” I echo Prouza’s words living as I do in Buckinghamshire near Wingrave where the Czechoslovak Government in Exile raised the flag of defiance against Hitler in World War II and Aston Abbot where Czech President Edvard Beneš lived in exile and from where he planned Operation Anthropoid the assassination of  Reinhard Heydrich, Nazi poster boy, architect of the Holocaust and Gauletier of Bohemia.

“The shakeout over benefit caps on EU migrants is not only showing the downward spiral into racism but the true weakness of UK when faced with Europe. We are so inducted into the ludicrous self-puffing up of UK PMs strutting on the world stage talking about policing the Middle East, we forget that when it comes to meat and potatoes stuff like the economy we’re trying to pretend we’re with the big boys when we’re not.” – Michael Rosen

This followed an earlier Tweet by Prouza in which he said: “Cameron’s speech on migration: taxing people according to their nationality? What other criteria will come next?”

Prouza’s sentiments were echoed in Warsaw, with the Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz releasing a statement that read: “Poland will not agree to changes undermining the principles of the EU’s single market, specifically the free movement of people.” The Tory leader’s speech marks an attempt to regain the agenda after embarrassing official figures showed net migration to Britain is higher than it was when the coalition came to power, leading experts to conclude that his promise to cut migrant numbers was “dead and buried”.


EU citizens are free to come to the UK and compete for jobs without being subject to any immigration controls

Unemployed Europeans heading to Britain to find work will have six months to find a job or they will be kicked out, he said in a keynote speech on immigration. Cameron’s proposals may be hard to enact as the European Parliament’s President Martin Schulz has warned that they would need the approval of all the rest of the European Union’s member states.


David Cameron’s immigration speech was delivered in a factory where he would never work or let any of his posh family work

“Let’s be clear,” he told The Skibbereen Eagle. “If they [Cameron’s proposals] are not in the interests of all 28 member states, we will not get it [any re-negotiation].” Schulz said that the UK was not part of the Schengen Group [26 European member states without border control] or in the euro, and the rest of the member states would only look at any new proposals for change once they were concrete. Europe_map_2070_by_LlwynogFox

My sympathies were with the bored senseless workers that Cameron was addressing once again in a JCB Factory to give the pretence he is “in touch” with real working people? A third generation millionaire he has, like Trustafarian Osborne, never had a real job in his life. JCB is controlled by Anthony Bamford a major Tory Donor and supporter and you wonder what freedom of choice  they were given and what was the cost of lost production in the JCB factory of providing wallpaper for PR Dave’s latest irrelevant twitterings? cameron.bulldog_iht

The tragedy is that Britain could achieve much in Europe if it engaged with the other 27 European countries on areas where there is consensus such as implementing fully the Single Market. For a Free Market Party like the Conservatives to seek to destroy a Single Market and restrict Free Movement of People which has benefited Britain and its citizens so much is nothing short of a self defeating disgrace.  Cameron leads a party the electorate quiet rightly do not trust to run the country – the Conservatives have not commanded a majority in a General Election since 1992.

Cameron will not be Prime Minister in under six months. Cameron has nothing to offer, Cameron has nothing to deliver. It is all Bull and Bluster, all soundbites and stunts.

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