The Brumaire of Citizen Corbyn

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Funny that I didn’t get an email from Jeremy Corbyn asking for my opinions about his Shadow Cabinet make up.

Jeremy Corbyn is one of the worst serially disloyal MP’s ever to have sat in the House of Commons, he’s voted against every Leader he’s ever had and actively tried to undermine an elected Labour Governments for 13 years. Now the cry is elected Labour representatives should show him unquestioning loyalty? You would need to be mad, on medication or just so blinded by far-Left propaganda that you can actually argue that and expect to be taken seriously?


He has allied himself with virulent anti-Labour groups such as Stop the War Coalition which are fronts for parties and groupings with a consistent anti-Western agenda, been on platforms with  and uncritically hosted terrorist leaders, homophobes and people who approve of totalitarian regimes which even after being elected Labour Leader  he has failed to distance himself from. He showed abysmal leadership after the Paris outrage and his poorly argued, backbench position in the Commons afterwards did not change one persons’ mind, as indeed has been consistently the result of his 33 years as a professional paid political dilettante preaching ineffectively to the converted and leaving everybody else cold.

He has moved Maria Eagle from Defence and replaced her with his North London neighbour Emily Thornberry. It is worth recalling on the day North Korea tests a H-Bomb her words last year on Trident last year: “I don’t think being against nuclear weapons is that zany.” She will now lead a “Defence Review” with anti-Trident Ken Livingstone, a man so in touch with the voters, that he was not elected Mayor of London in 2012 when the majority of Londoner’s voted for Labour Councillors. This is the same Ken Livingstone who sacked the person risibly called the “People’s Chancellor”, John McDonnell at the GLC when he attempted to lead a coup against Ken because he was not sufficiently Left Wing!  Let me say it loud and let me say it clearly. Britain was an integral part of the Manhattan Project and it acquired its Nuclear deterrent and joined NATO under a Labour Prime Minister, Clement Attlee. History has fully vindicated his decision and Labour voters  and the electorate do not believe in unilateralism. Period. jeremy_corbyn_stwc_

After the atrocity in France, some Labour MPs attacked Mr Corbyn’s refusal to distance himself from the Stop the War Coalition after it published a blog post saying Paris had “reaped the whirlwind of western support for extremist violence in the Middle East”.  He has now sacked Pat McFadden for  doing just that and asking this question at PMQ’s after the Paris atrocity:

“Can I ask the Prime Minister to reject the view that sees terrorist acts as always being a response or a reaction to what we in the West do? Does he agree with me that such an approach risks infantilising the terrorists and treating them as children when the truth is they are adults entirely responsible for what they do?”

This inept, drawn out reshuffle is not going to lead to the “coherent and united” team Corbyn is hoping for. The mastermind of “straight-talking honest politics” is surrounding himself with yes-men and women too frightened for their jobs to ever disagree with him about anything, no matter how far away from power it’ll take the Labour Party. It seems that even with dodgy Seumus Milne on board the Stalinists cannot organise a decent purge.

Bullying and the so called hard Left had always been “bedfellows”. They try to drown out Labour members who do not agree with their delusional fantasies which led to 19 years of impotence while the Tories ran riot as they are now doing for at least a 10 year run. The electorate tell you time and again they are not interested in their agenda and it does not relate to their lives let alone to the modern world. Yet like the lemmings that they are they run headlong to the electoral cliff satisfied that it is better to deal in the purity of abstractions than the reality of the electorate’s lives. Meanwhile the Tories are running riot again with the political headroom Labour has given them.

The infantile Left  have no idea what they electorate thinks because they never speak to regular voters. They don’t go out on the doorstep, they go to meetings and protests where everyone agrees with them. On those rare occasions where they do encounter someone with different views, they can safely be dismissed as having been duped by the mainstream media, which of course hard left types are far too intelligent to be taken in by. It’s not just aggressive, it’s intensely patronising.  Ed-Miliband-006foodbankposter

Labour flip flopped from 2010-2015 and expected people to vote for it out of revulsion at the divisive and inept Tory policies. Yet the shambolic Tories got their first electoral majority since 1992 and Labour lost an eminently winnable election in May 2015 by over two million votes. When I campaigned in May I knocked on 100’s of doors NOBODY said they were not voting for Labour because we were not Left Wing enough. They said they were not voting for Labour because they did not trust us economically, with immigration, with competence, with defence and they did not trust our real intentions. We have spent the months since our disastrous failure proving the electorate’s instincts that we did not mean what we were saying absolutely right.  edstone

Ed Miliband presented Labour’s arguments disastrously culminating in the risible “Ed Stone.”  He did not defend the achievements of Labour’s 13 years in office giving an own goal to the Tories. The transformational Labour Government under Tony Blair introduced some amazing benefits for ordinary people – minimum wage, Sure Start, enormous investment in the NHS, new schools and hospitals, improved support for disabled people etc etc. We have nothing to apologise for, when you are in power dealing with reality you have to make decisions. You do not have the purity of sitting on the fence doing nothing. If a Labour government is elected in 2020 it will be making very different decisions in a different landscape than it would have in 2010 or 2015. If we have to wait until 2025 for a representative Labour Government the UK, if it is still the UK and still in Europe, it will be making decisions for does not bear thinking about.

However, while Labour flip flopped  the Conservatives stuck rigidly to their electoral game plan under Lynton Crosby and David Cameron destroyed UKIP, the Lib Dems and now it seems, Labour. It’s focus on taking power and resolutely serving the narrow interests of the Selfservatives who support it is the reason the Tories are the world’s longest established political party. They are our radical chameleon like enemy in Labour and the reason why Labour must convince the country it is an alternative government. Labour owes it to the electorate and the United Kingdom not to be an Opposition but the natural party of Government. Neil Kinnock, John Smith and Tony Blair spent long years making Labour electable again after 1983 and “The longest suicide note in history.” We will not get elected and deliver again for the county by unlearning lessons we have already learnt.

To suggest Labour did not win in 2015 because it was not “Left Wing” enough has no basis in fact and no  basis in the feedback on doorsteps by those of us who were actually out there speaking to voters.  Not one poll or credible independent analysis supports that view, no do the election results, the only poll that matters.  No amount of white noise and personal abuse on Social Media will change the verdict of the electorate, except to confirm that the so called Momentum activists who are setting the Corbyn agenda are not nice people and are not worth voting for. The “f**k off, good riddance” thing is key to the movement. It includes voters, of course.

The Labour Party is not a pressure group or a cry for help. It is the party formed by the broad Labour Movement to achieve electoral power and represent the interests of the working people of Britain in Scotland, England and Wales. Yet whole swathes of the UK are unrepresented by us, Scotland, much of the South East and much of the Midlands. A drone could fly along Britain’s coastline from Gravesend to Land’s End and only pass one Labour seat. What is the message from Labour to those voters we have lost, if they gave Labour their vote today what would they actually be voting for? cameronnhs

It is all very well for Jeremy Corbyn to say his election shows people want a Labour Party which is  “passionate, democratic, diverse, united and determined in our quest for a decent and better society.” Jeremy Corbyn is Leader of the Opposition and as such has no power and under him and his car crash leadership recycling policies the UK Electorate have time and again rejected Labour has no hope of being in power and actually giving anything other than hot air to the 9M + people who voted for the Party. Nor unless Jeremy Corbyn convinces those who didn’t vote for us in 2015 in the 102 mainly Conservative southern constituencies and the 56 Scottish constituencies we lost will there be a Labour government again. 1945_labour_manifestoattlee1

The way it’s going there will be two 1960’s nostalgia parties losing in 2020 – UKIP and Labour. The equation and the maths are simple – Labour needs to take back the seats and voters in 2020 it has lost to be a government and deliver for Britain. It should not take advice from those who have zero electoral traction and have stood against Labour and its values.

A party that is narrow in view, has little connection to the public and who seeks to close down all debate to ensure only one view is not democratic. Nor is it one the public will support and place in office.


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