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caffixThe Eagle has covered the explosion of “no choice” cafés in London. A cereal café, porridge café, cheese-sandwich café and owl café are just some of the concepts to have opened in 2015. But the One Pound café is a concept which may very well be around for some time.

A new café has opened in central London with everything on the menu costing only £1. Caffix, in Newman Street, Fitzrovia, sells sandwiches, pastries, cakes, salad pots and hot beverages all set at the fixed rate of one English pound. Some of the popular options on offer include mozzarella and pesto baguettes, avocado sandwiches, home-baked banana bread and flourless muffins. However, there is one small catch. The sandwiches and baguettes are sold in half portions.

The pots of quinoa, falafel and houmous also come in small pots. But the café owners said this gives customers the chance to mix-and-match, while they use high quality ingredients despite the low prices. Coffee drinkers can enjoy Italian roasted beverages from Brazil Santons beans and they make their own tea bags from six types of tea-leafs.

A description on the Caffix website said: “We have used our extensive experience to develop a menu of freshly prepared food for breakfast and lunch, including our own baked cakes. The difference with our menu is every item is sold at a single low price of £1. You now have a greater choice in how much you spend on your meal and what that consists of.”

The Caffix founders have plans to launch the concept as a branded chain across London and the UK if it proves to be a success. It comes after an influx of quirky cafés opened their doors in London over the past year.

Will this be a success? What do you think of the Poundshop of the restaurant scene?

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