Boing, Boing! Recycle your plane with Ryanair!

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Ryanair’s new offices


Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Conference Table

There is something about planes and their parts which still inspires. So for those who want to sleep in a Boeing 747 Engine nacelle or want a table made out of a plane wing read on! With 12,000 airplanes slated to retire by 2020, says the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA), the process of recycling can be quite expensive, with dismantling being a labor-intensive effort that takes up to four weeks to complete. Of course, there’s more than one way to recycle a jet, with companies like California-based furniture maker MotoArt focusing on creating polished, durable pieces — all made from salvaged aviation parts.

A $35,000 MotoArt conference table which Ryanair has ordered for its new corporate HQ near Dublin Airport is not something you would associate with the famously parsimonious budget airline. The budget carrier has been furbishing new offices in Swords, North Dublin, creating a working environment not dissimilar to the famous Google offices. It seems having recently made the startling discovery its passengers are human Ryanair have made a similar discovery about their long suffering staff.

ryanair slide

Is this the Ryanair slide or their replacement for aircraft steps?


The Eagle’s new nest – a Jumbo 747 sleeper.

Among the fittings that have been included in the office is a large slide, complete with sign that warns against use by pregnant women, those with existing injuries or “gobsh***s”. As part of its new, friendlier image, the company also brought in a pool table, giant chessboard and computer games, while the walls are decorated with quirky art. But The Eagle has obtained the first picture of what will be an impressive conference table in the offices.


PW 747 Cowling Bar


DC9 Coffee Table

The table piece features a jet engine that will be covered in glass. When it’s finished, Ryanair staff will be able to take inspiration from the revolutionary piece of aeronautical engineering, should they be discussing matters such as baggage allowances or boarding card re-issue fees. While the piece is likely to cost at least a five-figure sum, Ryanair refused to comment on it when contacted by The Eagle. “We don’t comment upon or engage in rumour or speculation,” a statement said.

A Californian company called MotoArt has made similar pieces at a cost of around €35,000. That design involves a Boeing 747 jet engine cowling transformed into a conference table with room for twelve people around it. Measuring 12ft across, the General Electric engine nacelle houses internal LED lighting in different colours as well as six pop-up connection ports. The engine table is ryanair1 (1)then topped with a B-52 engine spinner. ryanair1

Ryanair paid around €11m in 2013 for the Concourse office development at Airside in Swords, Co Dublin. It is understood it has spent more than €5m fitting it out and staff moved in early this year. It features a games room with pool table and video games, as well as a giant chess set and bright artwork. The Eagle is particularly impressed by its new nest, a “Californian King Size Bed” made out of a 747 nacelle and featuring programmable LED’s. While we are at it maybe we should order the bar made out of half a 747 nacelle and 4 ejector seat bar stools and save on air freight by shipping them together. If Michael O’Leary has a similar bar in Ryanair’s HQ maybe he is ordering a large G & T to steady his nerve after spending so much money on his in house humans.


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