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ubahnVisitors to Berlin know it is the home of some seriously good bars, beers and microbreweries. But as any experienced pub crawler will tell you it is not being in the pub which is the problem but getting between them! So to make this easier in Berlin Thrillist have produced a handy U-Bahn Map listing top bars near the station instead of those boring old stations. Despite popular belief, Berlin’s bars actually stay open beyond October, and consist of not just beer gardens, but also cocktail bars, jazz dens, dives, and even saloons. Sorting though all of the liver-trouncing chaos. berlin-pub

With its cheap beer and non-existent licensing laws, you might think Berlin is overrun with drunken stags on an Irish pub crawl, but instead you’ll find a rich and very civilised drinking culture. Some of the best bars are here, spread all over Berlin – whether you want to settle into a comfy sofa with a craft beer and book, at a neighbourhood favourite like Natanja und Heinrich, or savour alcohol craftsmen in a concept cocktail bar like Green Door. berlinberlinshieldBerlin-bars-Metzer-Eck-007

There’s no real central drinking area in Berlin, each neighbourhood bringing their distinctive characteristics to bar culture. The old West is more old-fashioned, the bars following a café-style with food also served to the table like at the ’50s Deiner Tatersall or Paris Bar. Schöneberg was always known for its nightlife, home to both a Weimar-era Isherwood and much later, David Bowie, but since the wall fell a lot of the action has shifted eastwards. Around Nollendorfplatz you’ll find a number of excellent cocktail bars like Stagger Lee and the traditional gay centre. Kreuzberg’s more rough and ready with plenty of boozy DJ bars around Kottbusser Tor and further south in Neukölln you can go full barfly at places like the Louche Tier.  berlinscotch-sofa

Thanks mostly to the U-Bahn, traveling between East and West Berlin has become a lot easier over the last few decades – but that’s not all it does well, and to prove it, this U-Bahn map  plots out the best drinking hole within a 5-10-minute walk of every stop within the Ringbahn.

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