Alan Sugar is not so sweet

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sugar1Alan Sugar is quitting Labour, denouncing the party’s perceived shift to the left in the runup to last week’s general election, as two potential leadership candidates criticised the party and its campaign’s lack of business appeal.

The star of the BBC’s business reality show The Apprentice, who was the government’s official “enterprise champion” during Gordon Brown’s premiership, said party chiefs had accepted his resignation “as they had been aware of my disillusionment for some time”.sugar-rexsugar-pic

I was amused to hear Alan say he waited until after the election to make his announcement because he is a “loyal sort of chap.” Well no Big Al you are and were not loyal in the slightest. You very damagingly rubbished Ken Livingstone in 2012 when he was the Labour Candidate for Mayor of London. You then fecked off to your mansion in Boca Raton in Florida during the election which Ken narrowly lost.  When I tackled you on Twitter for urging people not to vote for the Labour candidate while taking the Labour whip in the Lords being a very charming man you blocked me. Never mind all the people who had taken time off to work free of charge on Ken’s campaign and never mind that the consequence of your intervention and the hot Russian money backing Boris was that he won by a narrow 64.000 votes.sugarbr

Not a great believer in honest debate is SurAlan?

Alan Sugar has remained loyal to only one thing in his life, his own Ego and overweening self interest.

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