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Councillor Jackie “The Slasher” Burns

To show our sense of balance and to gain Karma we bring you another dolorous tale of another politician hoisted by his own petard. Last week LibDem politician Stephen Gilbert found himself banned from driving after being caught speeding by a camera he campaigned for. This week a Labour Councillor in Hamilton, Scotland, was pissed off to be fined for urinating in a town centre where he had slashed (sic)  the wee public loos!

A council chief involved in axing public toilets has been fined by police – for urinating in the street. Jackie Burns, 51, was caught short just months after overseeing the closure of public loos in his area. He was waiting in a taxi rank when he suddenly needed the toilet and went down a lane – where police saw him and gave him a £40 on the spot fine.



Mr. Burns had his wee problem in Hamilton in Scotland where he is a Labour councillor and deputy leader of South Lanarkshire council. He said: “I am embarrassed by the incident and have apologised.”  In May he announced that all the council’s public conveniences were closing as part of £22 million cutbacks by the Scottish Government. John Wilson, an MSP for Central Scotland, said: “I am disappointed by this behaviour. He should consider his position as deputy leader.”

Police said: “A 51-year-old man was issued with a fixed penalty ticket in relation to a minor act of anti-social behaviour within Hamilton town centre on Saturday 7 November.”  The council has refused to comment.

In the General Election in May David Cameron pledged to save Britain’s public loos but the reality is due to council cuts 4 out of 10 public toilets have closed in the UK in the past 10 years. By any standards this is a huge “Disrespect” agenda which impacts severely on old people, the disabled, young families , people with health issues and the environment in Town Centres across Britain. Hey, this sounds entirely in line with the Conservative parties programme of cuts aimed at the poor, vulnerable and disabled. No doubt after his successful empathy bypass operation “Call me Dave” will write to his local Council again to complain about the impact of his own cuts! You’re a Nation once again!


Hamilton, aka “Auld Reekie

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