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That bastion of baseless prejudice which risibly claims it is “The World’s Greatest Newspaper”, Britain’s Daily Express is at it again trying to appeal to the prejudices of its rapidly declining and aging readership whose theme tune is “All our Yesterdays.” It is a strange editorial mix of Royal Brown Nosing, articles for hypochondriacs, baseless conspiracy rubbish  and Britain would be Great again if it wasn’t for foreigners. Never mind that Britain became “Great” by robbing and colonising the world blind along with considerable brutality and savagery along the way,  but that doesn’t count in the Daily Excess’s eyes as these were mainly tinted people it colonised/ enslaved/ exploited: etc: while looking after “our own people.” DAILY-EXPRESSeuropeDonald_Trump

These foreigners are within and without. The foreigners within are of course the nasty scrounging immigrants who at the same time are “taking our jobs!” and “scrounging benefits!” even though all the evidence is they work harder, achieve more and boost dragged down by an aging population. The foreigners without are of course the nasty, parasitic, unelected European Union which Britain joined and agreed to closer integration with the European Project under the Tories. According to the Daily Scream Britain would thrive outside the EU despite being outside its biggest market. Indeed Britain is thriving so much it no longer has a British owned Steel Industry, Rail Industry, Utilities, Shipbuilding Industry. Nuclear Industry, Coal Industry, Electricity Industry and it is begging China with terms which can only be described as bribery to build its Nuclear Plants and Rail Lines. British World Beaters indeed – the daily Express has no problem with State control once that control is by a foreign State.

Now, recognising a fellow racist demagogue, it is elevating that Great Trumpet of American Cartoon Politics, Donald J. Trump, in a headline which blares;

‘Trump is right!’ Police say parts of Britain ARE no-go areas due to ISIS radicalisation

BRITISH police officers have sensationally backed Donald Trump’s controversial claim that parts of the country are no-go areas because of growing Islamist extremism.

Donald Trump is of course something of an expert on “No-Go areas.” As a young Rich Boy Draft Dodger he found all of Vietnam a no-go area. If you are feeling resilient, read the story here:

This is a totally fabricated “story” to suit the Daily Excesses agenda of prejudice with not ONE single credible on the record source. It does not even make the grade for first week in Journalism School. It  even totally distort the admittedly stupid claim by Tom Winsor, the outsider appointed as Inspector of Constabulary,  to suit its headline.

Tom Winsor actually and stupidly said:

“There are cities in the Midlands where the police never go because they are never called. They never hear of any trouble because the community deals with that on its own … They just have their own form of community justice.”

Chris Sims, chief constable of West Midlands police who do the actual policing said to the same Parliamentary Committee there was “no evidence” of crimes being under-reported in the region’s minority communities. dailypolicingdailybtp

Sims added: “The experience of West Midlands police’s officers and staff who actively work day in day out with our communities could not be more different than suggested by Mr Winsor, assuming he’s referring to West Midlands. There is no evidence to suggest that the under reporting of crimes is a significant issue here in the West Midlands and that some communities therefore feel compelled to take the law into their own hands.” He added that areas with a high density of minority communities accounted for high volumes of calls to his force.

dailymailtrumpThe Parliamentary Committee actually rejected Tom Winsor’s statement, not that you will read that in the Daly Expresses’ non-award winning journalism.  The home affairs select committee chairman and Leicester MP Keith Vaz said he was concerned by Winsor’s claims. He said: “I have represented an inner city Midlands constituency, which is home to many diverse communities, for 26 years and have not seen any evidence to support the idea of a sub culture of secondary justice. It is hazardous to suggest that some communities have lost faith with the justice system of this country without providing specific evidence. I hope that Mr Winsor will back up his statements in his report.”

The only thing evident from your spurious report is that paper never refused ink at the Daily Excess! Meanwhile if you want to join the many who save money not buying the Daily Express the following all in one headline will keep you up to date on its full content.


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