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There are times when you are glad you live in the diverse, tolerant and multicultural World City of London than elsewhere. For instance consider the terrifying events at Leytonstone Tube Station on the Central Line yesterday. One man was seriously injured, while another suffered minor injuries during the knife attack at Leytonstone station, on Saturday.


LeytonstoneLeytonstone-stabbingA 56-year-old man was seriously wounded at Leytonstone in east London at 19:06 GMT on Saturday. The knifeman reportedly shouted “this is for Syria”. A man, 29, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and a residential address in London is being searched. The 56-year-old is believed to be in a stable condition in hospital. A second man received minor injuries in the attack and a woman was threatened but unhurt.

Police used a Taser on the suspect, who remains in police custody. The stabbing is being investigated by the Metropolitan Police Service’s counter terrorism officers. Here you see the great difference between Britain and, say, the United States, where even people with mental health problems and on “No Fly” lists can buy military standard weapons and equipment.  Nobody buys semi automatic machine guns, exploding bullets and bullet proof vests to go “hunting.” In the US no doubt the assailant would have been heavily armed, killed many and be killed himself by a militarised Police Force, as it needs to be to cope with the nauseous and primitive NRA gun culture. In the US no doubt the knee jerk Islamophobes would be out in force led by the Dial-a-Mouths on Fox “News.”

So congratulations to the UK Police for their bravery in handling this incident without fatalities and congratulations to the people of London as they come together in solidarity. Twitter users are posting messages including the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv to show their contempt for a man who allegedly stabbed three people at a London Tube station.

The video of the aftermath of the attack shows a man being pinned to floor having been Tasered by police. It is then that you can hear an unidentified bystander shouting: “You ain’t no Muslim bruv.”

The phrase has been widely picked up by social media users who say it is the perfect riposte to attempts to spread violence and terror in London. The first messages were posted shortly after the video emerged online on Saturday night.

Roy Ramm, a former Met Police commander, said the attack appeared to be “random” and was “not like the Lee Rigby attack on a soldier”. He said the knifeman did not appear to have an exit strategy. Leytonstone Islamic Association released a statement in which it strongly condemned any sort of violence.

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