Aylesbury Christmas Parade

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A wet November Sunday in Aylesbury can be just that, a tad drab. But last Sunday the Town Centre was enlivened by the entertaining Santa Parade. How brilliant was that polar bear in Aylesbury’s Santa Parade?!


Santa ParadeThe scarily realistic polar bear was one of many wonderful sights during Aylesbury’s annual Santa’s parade on Sunday. The animal led the colourful procession through the High Street, Market Square and into Friars Square in front of hundreds of cheering families.

Other sights in the procession included a snowman on ice skates, an elf in a cage being carried by a gorilla, a very tall ice queen, a festively red stormtrooper, plenty of young drummers, cheerleaders and dancers, children from the Jonathan Page play centre – and of course, Father Christmas himself on a horse-drawn sleigh.

All good fun but after the Parade is over we go back to a Town Centre with very few independent retailers left and business being slowly strangled by high Business Rates and whooping parking charges which the Conservative Council milk as a cash cow while squandering taxpayers money on their pet projects. The Town we as shoppers valued has disappeared over the past 10 years to be replaced with a depressing parade of bookies, payday lenders, charity shops and Clone Town Britain chains. The Independent retailers we want and value have been squeezed out by Tory AVDC inflating parking charges, loading business rates  and grandiose developer driven projects where the Council Taxpayer always picks up the bill. There are very few interesting, independent businesses left in our town, not surprising when AVDC’s Business Rates can be more than the cost of rent.  Aylesbury residents  want a re-generated Town Centre with a Council looking for solutions not waiting for them to appear. Parade3


Aylesbury Santa Parade PNL-151129-233446009

Aylesbury Santa Parade PNL-151129-233301009

We want a genuine range of retail outlets – not the likes of exploitative businesses such as Brighthouse, gambling joints and  payday lenders killing our town centre. We want the Council to  build on the historic core of the town – not knock it down or neglect it to make way for modern buildings. We want a town centre to enjoy and which gives people a reason to come into the centre in the day and in the evening.

With Council plans to close the tourist office and Government plans to close  the courts in the County Town of Buckinghamshire, nobody is expecting a Happy New Year in Aylesbury Town Centre.

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