Last Minute – Caveat Emptor!

Posted by admin | August 6, 2007 0

I sympathise with Matt Rudd as experience has thought me to be careful with Lastminute. They have been advertising 5 Star Kos £299 on tube billboards at the moment. When you try to book this is only available at that price in the next 3 weeks and is subject to to a £39 fuel surcharge and a £20 ticket on departure charge AND 1% paying by debit card so the cheapest you can get your £299 holiday for is £361.58! The offer is for a decent hotel (Iberostar Hippocrates) but it is rated “A” by the Greek Tourist board and 4 T by Thomson.

Similarly a trip billed as 5 Star Marrakech is in a hotel reviewed on with the heading “5 Star, I don’t think so!” and when you ring the operator, Fleetway Travel, you find there is a £38 fuel surcharge even though it is on a Ryanair flight from Luton and Ryanair don’t charge a fuel surcharge!

When you put this to Lastminute they say the are acting as disclosed agents and the operators are responsible for ensuring the details on the site are accurate!

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