The Skibbereen Eagle’s Mission

romanof eagleIn 1898, to widespread bemusement, a small Provincial Newspaper in an equally small town in the South West corner of Ireland sonorously warned the Czar of Russia that it knew what he was up to and he should be careful how he proceeded for “The Skibbereen Eagle” was wise to his game and in future would be keeping its eye on him!

The Skibbereen Eagle was the weekly paper of the landed and merchant classes of West Cork and it identified with the British Imperial Project, then at its most feverish. It is doubtful that Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, even noticed the Eagle’s admonitions but as history soon proved he should have paid closer attention to the Eagle’s insightful opinions!


You talking to me?

The Spirit of the Skibbereen Eagle has been revived on the internet with this successor casting a cold eye on the world and its comings and goings. Beware, beware, ye statesmen, emperors, Tories and thrones, for the Skibbereen Eagle still has its eye upon you!

Today, powered by its readers and contributors, from its cyber eyries in Ireland and the centres of the Irish Diaspora The Eagle casts its Cold Eye on Life and Death and much in between.


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