Public Relations

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The Eagle as an online Newspaper has a definite Theme and Mission to be of interest to its readers while remaining commercial – see under Advertising. Some love being contacted by PR people, and some loathe it, The Eagle in its nest tries to perch somewhere in the middle. Suitable pitches that are relevant to less commercial events and news in London or Ireland,  or have an edge (including a cultural edge) are likely to be at the very least, read.

We are particularly interested in covering events and news in West Cork and are happy to accept invitations, Blurbs and to publicise events in the area, relating to the Irish Diaspora and to Irish Life and the Arts.

No infographics please as we will not publish them – they are entry points for spam and The Eagle is not interested.

Suitable emails that are relevant to The Eagle, Ireland, London and the categories on our masthead will be welcomed, but the rest will be ritually destroyed to line the nest to protect it from the Atlantic gales!

Please make initial contact using the form on this page


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