Theresa Mayhem: Weak and Wobbly

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From strong and stable to weak and wobbly #GE2017

On 8th June the British people decided to reject the appeal by Theresa May for a strong mandate to deliver Brexit. The result was predicted by nobody.

The Tory campaign was a disaster. The manifesto launch could not have been more badly handled. And the longer the campaign went on the more the PM’s personal and political weaknesses became apparent. If you are going to build a shallow campaign around a manufactured personality cult it is useful to actually have a personality. Like the Tory campaign May became increasingly desperate – desperate to be chosen by the people, but void of the vision and principles to earn it. The surprise was the reaction of voters. Rather than voters holding their noses and staying loyal to the Tories they voted in large numbers for Corbyn.

There was an arrogance about the Tory campaign which clearly offended many voters. Theresa May made a cynical decision to hold a snap election taking the voters for granted expecting to destroy Labour and a landslide to win a majority of 100 plus ending instead without an overall majority. Not really very “Strong and stable” at all. Lesson – do not take the voters for granted! The PM’s refusal to take part in television debates, the stage managed meetings and, most damagingly of all, the focus on the PM to the exclusion of her ministerial colleagues went down like a bowl of cold sick with voters.

Great result for Mark Bateman and the team

Posted by John Cowell Aylesbury Labour on Thursday, 8 June 2017

Congratulation to my own CLP Aylesbury Labour and their great local candidate Mark Bateman on achieving the best Labour showing since 1970. A great campaign and a great candidate . It shows the voters of #Aylesbury that Labour is the only opposition to the smug Tories and a vote for the LimpDems, Kippers and the Green Egos is a wasted vote at Parliamentary and local elections.  There was particular satisfaction in seeing some great Labour MP’s who will be future cabinet members and possibly leaders do so well. Stella Creasy remained rock solid in Walthamstow increasing her already large majority substantially and Rupa Huq in Ealing Central and Acton  turned Labour’s most marginal seat with only 274 vote majority in 2015 and Tory top London target into Labour seat with a 14,000 majority!

Voters made clear their refusal to be patronised and taken for granted. The next six months will be very difficult. This is the most dramatic political realignment in more than a generation. If Kensington goes to Labour we all know what happened there, kids voted against their parents, they already have in Canterbury where students lost the Tories a seat they have held for over 100 years.

We are now faced with a Tory minority government which will rely on ten deeply reactionary and regressive DUP MPs to secure a tiny overall majority in the House of Commons. This is untenable in the longer term. There will almost certainly be another election before Christmas. Oh well Theresa – this is what arrogance and complacency leads to, coalition of chaos. Serves you right! #GE2017

One of the great things about democracy is the fact that ordinary people can change history through the simple act of voting and on the 8th June they did. Now that the voters have seen their power and refused to be manipulated by the Tax Dodgers who control the Media they will not let go. Labour is the only alternative government to the Tories and at the next election we need a Labour victory and a Labour Party ready to govern.

In summary after 8th June. May is toast, indy ref2 off, Corbyn mighty, Scotland swings Tory Westminster, Northern Ireland divided and unrepresented, Britain facing Brexit humiliation, Tories weak and wobbly.

I hope that people can see now that your vote does count.

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