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Today we have the Murdoch press’ contemptible re-airing of false and preposterous claims by a discredited former double agent for which Michael Foot, when still alive, won significant damages from the Sunday Times.

It’s amazing when the pensioned off failures of M16 and boozy Murdoch journalists get together their right wing prejudice leads them to recycle the same baseless crap about Michael Foot. No wonder the Russians laughed at British Foreign Intelligence Agency  M16 for years

Indeed, M16 didn’t look for spies among their own public schoolboy types who were all “good chappies” – like Blake, Cairncross, Burgess, Philby Maclean and Blunt. The history of Soviet espionage in the UK is one of regular infiltration of right wing politicians, journalists and upper class wealthy individuals. From Profumo, Blunt, Floyd and a host of others, the evidence is clear that the security threat is not the Labour Party.

John Witherow , current Times Editor,  was acting Sunday Times Editor in 1994-5, when Michael Foot successfully sued the paper for this  “Foot was KGB agent” story. In 2012 Witherow admitted to the Leveson Inquiry  the story was crap. In 2018 he is running it again. It’s a shameful smearing of a dead man – who has already proved these allegations to be lies in Court. The Independent ‘s report of the libel case which Foot won , said of the Sunday Times actions under John Witherow :

“The Sunday Times was forced into a humiliating climb-down at the High Court yesterday over its allegations that Michael Foot was considered an “agent of influence” by the KGB. The 81-year-old former Labour leader had sued the paper and its proprietor Rupert Murdoch over a three-page article last February, which – under the headline “KGB: Michael Foot was our agent” – detailed how the KGB had courted Labour politicians and trade union officials during the Sixties.

The story alleged Mr Foot had operated under the codename “Boot” and that the Soviet intelligence service made cash payments to the left-wing journal Tribune while he was editor. Under a settlement read out in open court, the paper offered Mr Foot “substantial” damages – which with legal costs are believed to run to at least £100,000 – and an assurance that it had never intended to suggest that he had been a spy.”

I don’t know what the legal position is on breaching a court undertaking when a Plaintiff is dead but running with an already discredited story 25 years later does beg the question not as to why John Witherow is Editor of the Times but why he is still employed as a journalist?

In World War II when chronic asthma led him to be rejected by the regular army Foot was in the Home Guard Auxiliary. He trained as a “stay behind” resistance fighter to capture and kill collaborators and invaders if the Nazis had succeeded in invading Britain. Life expectancy 2 weeks. Not too many top Tories in that list of actual patriots. 

He also said this in 1953 “Now let’s bury the Stalin myth, He sent to their deaths almost all the leaders of the revolution. He distorted the socialist aim in a manner which would have horrified both Lenin and Marx. He then falsified the history of the revolution itself.” Like his friend and fellow Socialist George Orwell Foot was horrified by the Soviet Union and Communism and his and Orwell’s writings should be compulsory reading for all the half cack entryists in the Labour Party over the past three years who self describe themselves as “Communists.” Labour is a Democratic Socialist Party. Period.

As Party Leader Foot:

Set up inquiry into Militant & ‘Register of Non-Affiliated Groups’ – aimed at destroying entryism

Called out militant a “pestilential nuisance”

Dismissed Tony Benn’s nationalisation of Britain’s top 25 private companies as ‘crazy.’

Michael was a substantial figure and a great intellect and it aggravates me when he is compared to Corbyn who is somewhat the opposite. Among the books he authored are Guilty Men (1940); The Pen and the Sword (1957), a biography of Jonathan Swift; and a biography of Aneurin Bevan. His polemic on the appeasers such as Lord Halifax and others was hugely influential and was admired by both Churchill and Attlee but earned him the enmity of the Establishment. I used to bump into him as he used to meet friends at the St. Ermin’s Hotel in Westminster, before taking the short walk to take the bus back to Hampstead on Victoria Street. As an Irish person I was aware his other obsession was Jonathan Swift (and the Stuarts) and I was lucky to hear him lecture on this great Dublin figure.

Foot also had great sadness in his life for he was a passionate supporter of Plymouth Argyle Football Club from his childhood and once remarked that he wasn’t going to die until he had seen them play in the Premier League. He served for several years as a director of the club, seeing two promotions under his tenure. For his 90th birthday, Foot was registered with the Football League as an honorary player and given the shirt number 90. This made him the oldest registered professional player in the history of football. Foot is remembered with affection in Westminster as a great parliamentarian. He was widely liked, and admired for his integrity, habitual courtesy, and generosity of spirit, by both his colleagues and opponents.

The Times piece on Michael Foot destroys itself  in its own small print. MI6 concluded that Foot was “not a spy or conscious agent” so where’s the story and why are you splashing on this? He was an inveterate opponent of the Soviet Union and an anti-Communist like most of the Bevanites. The Times has disgracefully smeared this man for no apparent reason other than to create a headline. Further shame from a media who seem to conveniently ignore the real scandals happening now.

Not just Michael Foot. The KGB spy smear was made against Harold Wilson too. It’s made against every Labour leader who is a millimetre left of centre. Standard tactic in the Establishment playbook. One cold damp day in 1981 Michael Foot, a good man, wore a warm coat. A frenzied Murdoch press destroyed him for it. The vile Murdoch’s have been skewing UK politics for far too long.

Michael Foot’s  commitment to democracy, democratic socialism and justice was in no doubt, and his anti-Soviet record speaks for itself. He was a Patriot, Statesman and Historian and history will treat him far kinder than the Dirty Digger, Rupert  Murdoch. Let us concentrate on the Russian agents out there in a dangerous world where there are too many of Putin’s useful idiots. 

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