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Shame on the person who slipped Theresa May  a Baileys in South Africa and made her dance. Be careful, two Baileys and naughty Theresa will start running through fields of wheat!

Trade with sub-Saharan Africa – 1.5%. Trade with EU – 45% Theresa May is carrying out cheap stunts on the other side of the world but truly the world does not care about her unprincipled. Sorry, there is no scope for African exporters to benefit from Brexit. Tariffs are already zero for majority of African countries and almost all others get them vastly reduced. Standards for agriculture imports will also not change. The whole Brexit proposition that “because we are British” the UK will sell to far away markets when it cannot successfully sell to nearby markets in the EU is based on post-colonial delusion. There is no captive market in Rhodesia for Morris Oxfords or in the “old colonies” for “British Goods.” The world does not buy from Britain because it makes little they want and cannot make it at a competitive price. Brexit will be in the vain tradition of Great British “World Beaters” which never beat anything.

Michael Crick on Channel 4 News completely skewered Theresa May’s hypocrisy on apartheid during her visit to South Africa. Meanwhile on BBC News, Theresa May’s South Africa visit is treated with the deference of toadying flunkies on a Royal visit.

Congratulations to Michael Crick as a real journalist for steadfastly calling out Theresa May’s arrant hypocrisy in visiting Madiba’s cell on Robben island. Do she think the ANC and South African’s in general had forgotten her type? She appeared shocked that someone would actually question her, and wouldn’t let go. See the Maybot eyes spinning “does not compute”.  Just to remind you of the Tories Apartheid supporting stance when May was cutting her political teeth. 

Throughout the 1980s, when she was a young Tory activist, Margaret Thatcher was refusing to lift sanctions on South Africa’s racist government. And as late as October 1987 she was dismissing Mr Mandela’s African National Congress party as “a typical terrorist organisation”. Even when the House of Commons in 2013 passed a motion of sympathy on his death  former Tory Chairman Lord Tebbit was refusing to back down. He said: “He was the leader of a political movement which had begun to resort to terrorism.” Former Tory MP and serving councillor Terry Dicks went even further and compared Mr Mandela to an Al-Qaeda terrorist. He said: “They were just terrorists. No different from the Irish terrorists. Perhaps no different to those we’re fighting now. Just a different background, maybe a different religion, but that’s all. And a terrorist is a terrorist. I don’t accept this view of freedom fighters one day – terrorists one day, freedom fighters the next. No. No. And if they had wanted to they could have executed him. Seriously. And then you wouldn’t have had all this fuss of ‘I can live 27 years in prison’. He was asked by if it might have been better if they had executed him. He replied: “Well he was a terrorist.”

In the end nobody quiet does hypocrisy like the dwindling membership of the Conservative Party.

In the end nobody does Brexit delusion quiet like Theresa May, a “Remainer” who did a principle flip just to hold onto office but certainly not onto power having lost her mandate from the Electorate and her own party. 

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