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There is a clear choice in the General Election tomorrow in Aylesbury with Mark Bateman standing for Labour against Tory incumbent for 25 years, David in and out of Europe Lidington.

Aylesbury is one of those seats the Tories take totally for granted and where they reckon they could get a pig’s head on a stick elected. It has been Tory for over a hundred years except in 1922 when it elected a Liberal MP – a catastrophe for the Tory Party nationwide which lead to the 1922 Committee of Tory Backbenchers being formed. Before and after 1922 there were two different Tory MP’s but they had the same surname, Rothschild.

Clement Attlee addressing voters in Aylesbury Market Square

Labour is the only alternative choice in this election. The LimpDems are recycling their perpetual loser for the third ignominious time, the Greens aka “Tories on Bikes” will be donating their deposit to The Chancellor again and UKIP peaked last time with local heavy Chris Adams. It was one of UKIP’s target seats backed by mad millionaire Aaron Banks but they got only 12.2% of the vote and David Lidington’s majority hardly moved. Since then Big Mouth Chris whose patriotism extends to driving a flashy German car has been at the centre of the UKIP expenses scandal after it was revealed he had been paid in breach of rules £84k from European Parliament funds. Earlier this year he was fined in Portsmouth for abusing a disabled badge belonging to someone else issued by Buckinghamshire County Council. He lost his Council seat in May along with all UKIP Councillors in Bucks and is not standing in the General Election.

Mark is a great Parliamentary Candidate and a top quality public representative who has Aylesbury Vale and the genuine interests of its Citizens in his heart.  We know what Mark stands for whereas after 20 years in a Tory sinecure nobody has a clue what blowin David Lidington represents other than his well upholstered expenses. It’s time Aylesbury had an MP who truly represents its hard working families and is #Ambitious4Aylesbury not for Gibraltar or the self harm of Brexit. Mark Bateman is that person #Mark4Aylesbury

Mark is a retired Primary School Head teacher who himself attended local schools Oak Green Primary and Mandeville Secondary. He was elected to the Aylesbury Vale District Council and Aylesbury Town Council in 2015, representing the Southcourt Ward. He is also currently a candidate for the County Council elections in the Southcourt, Walton Court and Hawkslade Farm area of the town.

Mark is very much a local candidate for local people. “I am delighted and honoured to be selected as the Labour Party candidate for my home town of Aylesbury,” he said. “The policies that the Labour Party are putting forward in this election are very relevant to the people in and around Aylesbury. We will listen to local people and focus on the issues that matter to our community – from defending our health and education services to the provision of affordable and social housing and ensuring we have the infrastructure to support it.”

His daughter has said “If you live in the Aylesbury constituency my Dads face will have by now landed on your doorstep in the form of a “Labour Candidate for Aylesbury” leaflet. Aylesbury we have been given the opportunity tomorrow to vote for a true “Aylesbury Duck” to represent our town and constituency. Having lived in Aylesbury all his life, he understands Aylesbury and our local issues and he will fight your corner. For those of you who know Dad or who have met him during his campaign, there will be no doubt in your mind that he cares about where we live! Read your Mark Bateman leaflet tonight…….why wouldn’t we want a local voice!” 

Tory David Lidington on the other hand has spent 25 years mis-representing the Aylesbury constituency and if re- elected on 8th June, he will vote time and time again against the interests of those he is elected to represent e.g. He’s repeatedly gone missing on HS2, votes for austerity cuts affecting -NHS funding, Education funding, Social Care funding, Police numbers, Prison Officer numbers, disability allowances. Aylesbury should not be natural Tory country with many industrial and service industry workers, large numbers working in the NHS at Stoke Mandeville and in local prisons who have had their wages frozen for years as well as Service Personnel at RAF Halton which is being shut down.

Tory cuts to service personnel since 2010:

Army – 20%

Police Officers – 18%

PCSO’s – 38%

Navy – 10%

Prison Officers – 30%

Fire Fighters -14%

RAF – 25%

If you vote for Theresa May on Thursday you are voting for the smallest Police Force since 1978.

Lidington Backs the Prime Minister on her refusal to rule out tax increases for everyone and on another VAT increase. Wobbles with the Prime Minister on whether he will protect old age pensions. Aylesbury has a viable alternative this time round. Not a career politician, not a 3 time standing wanna be Westminster politician. Mark Bateman is standing because he is a local voice and will support local residents on their local issues. Vote Mark Bateman, vote Labour and make the change that the Aylesbury Constituency needs.

Stick up for Education, stick up for the NHS, stick up for the most vulnerable in our community, and leave the foxes alone!

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  • From strong and stable to weak and wobbly #GE2017
    Congratulation to Aylesbury Labour and their great local candidate Mark Bateman on achieving the best Labour showing since 1970. A great campaign and a great candidate. Shows the voters of #Aylesbury that Labour is the only opposition to the smug Tories and a vote for the LimpDems, Kippers and the Green Egos is a wasted vote at Parliamentary and local elections #VoteLabour