Lord Sugah and I

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Tweets across the ocean – From a humble wage slave @daithaic on Mayoral Election day in damp London Town to the illustrious Labour Peer Lord Sugar (aka Chairman Al) @Lord_Sugar in his splendido mansion in Boca Raton, Florida.

Lord Sugar ‏ @Lord_Sugar

Take a look at what I’ve said about Ken Livingstone in the Sun on Sunday



David Caldwell ‏ @daithaic

@Lord_Sugar Thank you for caring about the working people of London from your mansion in Boca Raton. Palm Trees looking OK?


David Caldwell ‏ @daithaic

@Lord_Sugar For the record Arik Sharon led the terrorist raid on Qibya, Jordan in 1953, 69 Palestinians, mostly women & children were killed.


David Caldwell ‏ @daithaic

@Lord_Sugar The massacre of women and children at Qibya was condemned by the US State Department, the UN and by Jewish communities worldwide


David Caldwell ‏ @daithaic

@Lord_Sugar I understand your doubts about Ken but I believe he has changed and a Labour peer should not help a Tory to be elected Mayor?

David Caldwell ‏ @daithaic

@Lord_Sugar Your intervention was a betrayal of us ordinary members who have been working hard against a media blitz to get a LABOUR Mayor?


David Caldwell ‏ @daithaic

@Lord_Sugar That quality comic the Sun on Sunday, the successor to the much lamented News of the Screws? Are you not cheapening your brand, Chairman Al?



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