Labour’s Omnishambles

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Despite the omNICshambles Budget, Tories (up 1pt to 45%) increase lead to 19 points over Labour (down 2pts to 26%) – latest ICM for Guardian.

How can Corbyn be standing up for workers when the majority of workers tell him they don’t want what he is selling? How can you stand up for Labour when most LABOUR VOTERS say Theresa May is a better Leader. It simply could not be worse than that?

Labour: We must listen to the voters

Voters: We think Corbyn is hopeless

Labour: Not those voters

The key feature of Corbyn supporters, who are at best ambiguous in their support of the Labour Party, is nothing is down to them. Nope, it is the Media and the Blairites and if both terms can be used with a wrapping of misogynistic, vulgar abuse, sure won’t that just impress the electorate no end? Indeed having told everybody else to eff off and join the Tories the next logical step is for them to tell the Electorate to eff off as they don’t understand their tactical and political brilliance. But really that last step is unnecessary as EVERY piece of data and every credible analysis (ie: not from Momentum or Planet Diane) tells us the electorate are walking away from Labour in their droves.

For any politician, be it Trump, Corbyn, Cameron or Hollande shooting the messenger is the most tactically useless and stupid thing they can do. There was a time when Labour set the news agenda but it has spent 7 years busily unlearning lessons it learnt the hard way after Benn and Foot and the last free pass it gave to the Tories under Thatcher. The hackneyed arcane talk of “The Blarites” is just that, hackneyed and meaningless. Tony Blair resigned 10 years ago having given Labour three emphatic General Election victories and 13 years implementing progressive change in the real world.

These labels of the CorBots  are truly arcane and backward looking showing an inability to reconnect with the electorate with a narrative which relates to their real lives and their children’s future  which will gain their support for Labour to be the inclusive Government of a confident UK thriving in Europe.

Corbyn’s inept leadership has given the Tories another free pass and has betrayed the electorate by not presenting them with a viable alternative government and programme. The Labour Party is a Movement not a person and Labour needs a Leader not a protester. It’s support among the electorate depends on leadership, not followship.

At the next General Election due to the utter strategic incontinence of Corbyn’s hopeless and hapless “Leadership” the regressive BREXIT will have happened (Can Corbyn even tell us how he voted?) , working people will be suffering as living standards are destroyed and Labour will be floundering in total irrelevance with 75 seats having betrayed the electorate by not regaining their confidence and providing a credible alternative to the shambolic Tories.

I can think of no greater betrayal of working people and our Labour Movement than making the Labour Party unelectable. If people voted Labour today what would they actually be voting for?  

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