It’s the economy, stupid!

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The Banks and speculators left us bankrupt with over £300 Bn having gone directly in support to the UK banking sector and in QE increasing money supply to banks since 2008. Labour coped well in stabilising country / world since 2008. So much money is being wasted by this government in its inept ideological experiments, its incompetence in ignoring IMF, OECD and US in creating double dip recession and its crude divide and rule tactics. By 2015 it will have thoroughly alienated its support – pace, child benefits.


Gideon Osborne – The soon to be 15th Baronet sitting on a
£5M + trust fund who has never had a real world job.
He is greatly concerned about the British worker – not being one himself.


Cons could not win an election on a manifestly dishonest manifesto in 2010, they’ll win even less on their next outing after which they may as well elect the incontinent comedy act known as Boris as leader.


It is also worth taking an irrefutable reality check on the Tory led Coalition’s disastrous economic policies. This government has actually increased the deficit both in absolute terms and as % of GDP and increased NOT reduced the National Debt. They have missed by a wide margin EVERY single target George Osborne set out in 2010 and they are now over halfway through their single term?


Election 2015, it’s the economy, stupid!


The Great Buffoon of London soon to go Nationwide in 2015.
He has been sacked twice, by The Times newspaper and the Leader of the Conservative Party
– both times for lying. Be afraid, be very afraid.


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