Corbyn’s toxic Legacy

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Corbyn’s legacy is disaster, defeat, anti-Semitism, Brexit, and the loss of the north to Labour.

Labour has spent four trying very hard to unlearn lessons it learnt the hard way when the vapid wittering of Tony Benn and the Toy Bolsheviks enabled Thatcher, made Labour impotent and betrayed our supporters. Two of those lessons were people won’t vote for Labour just because they dislike the Tories and attacking the media is the most tactically useless and stupid thing any political party can do. Indeed a successful Labour once made the news agenda. I am not a quitter, I am not a splitter. I have only ever been Labour, voted Labour, supported Labour. NOBODY has ever “Won an argument” by losing a General Election.

Here is Corbyn’s denial the day after his disastrous General Election defeat:

Comparable to the 1983 Manifesto accurately described as the “Longest suicide note in history” Labour’s 2019 manifesto will be seen as “historically important” but only for repelling vast numbers of lifelong Labour voters. They didn’t believe it and they rightly didn’t trust Corbyn. The “movement” numbering a few hundred thousand is literally “the few” whose desires were set above the needs of “the many.” Indeed these shameless ideologues are, entirely predictably blaming the electorate for “not understanding” the brilliance of The Magic Grandfather and the out of touch ideologues he surrounded himself with. Corbyn’s dim-witted brass neck and gall can be seen by his truly delusional claim after such a car crash that “Labour has won the argument!

In 2005 Tony Blair won a third consecutive general election for Labour with a majority of 67. Jeremy Corbyn & John McDonnell called for him to resign. In 2019 they helped hand Boris Johnson a majority of 80 & still have not had the decency to go. A shameless insult to voters. By the next General Election in 2024 it will be 19 years since a Labour Leader (He was called Tony Blair) last won a General Election.

Here are the words of former Labour MP Anna Turley who lost her Redcar seat, a mining and steel area with high unemployment and deprivation to the Tories:

“Bring it on!” When I heard these words from the Labour leader at the prospect of this election, my heart sank. The sense of hubris coming from the shadow cabinet was excruciating when I knew from my weekly door-knocking just how frustrated and angry the public were at the paralysis in politics, and how low Labour had sunk in their estimation.

Earlier this year, Labour lost control of all five councils it controlled in the Tees Valley: Redcar, Hartlepool, Stockton, Darlington and Middlesbrough. It was an historic wipe-out, and a warning.

We ignored that warning in the unquestioning belief that everyone hates the Tories as much as we do, and went boldly out to the public for a general election. To do so just after the October Brexit deadline had been missed, when public frustration and confusion was at its peak, was naive and self-destructive. It was also symptomatic of a Labour Party not serious about getting into government, basking in the self-righteous fury of a protest movement.

The message on the doorstep in this election was clear: the party was out of touch, the leader was weak, and we weren’t a credible party of government. Our manifesto was not affordable, our party had become nasty.

Yet the narrative rehashed ferociously by the social media cheerleaders and dozy frontbenchers is that it was Brexit wot won it. But for every time Brexit was raised on the doorsteps, the leadership was raised four more – even by those sticking with us. There was visceral anger from lifelong Labour voters who felt they couldn’t vote for the party they had supported all their lives because of “that man at the top”. They had sent us this message loud and clear in 2017; I was told frequently by my constituents to “go back down to London and get rid of him.

None of this will come out in the forthcoming analysis of why Labour lost. If it does, it will be Corbyn – destroyed by the evil mainstream media and stabbed in the back by treacherous Blairites – not Corbynism that takes the blame.”

The responsibility is entirely on Corbyn and the out of touch ideologues who gifted a disastrous Tory Party and a shameless Boris Johnson a General Election and a possible 10 years of Tory Rule. Corbyn was Labour’s gift to the toxic Tories – just how incompetent does a Labour Leadership team have to be to lose Redcar, Sedgefield and Don Valley?

An unelectable Labour Party betrays the electorate and enables the Tories. Cut the shameless cant and own the consequences of Corbyn’s stupidity and strategic incontinence. Corbyn, the nepotism sons, Stalinist Milne, Communist Murray, the ludicrous “People’s Chancellor” who will never present a budget, knuckleheaded Union Dinosaur Len Cluskey and his former squeeze Jennie Formby, the Buy-to-Let millionaire Jon Lansman  and all the Momentum clones and entryists from Toy Bolshevik parties should leave immediately to fantasise elsewhere. They are shameless unelectable failures. It is time to bury the cult of Corbyn – and learn the lessons from this most shameful period in Labour’s long history.

If you still trot out excuses for Corbyn’s failure,  then you are part of the problem.

‘We won the argument’ is the most insulting response to the worst election result since 1935 when Clem Attlee and Ernest Bevin helped push out the previous most disastrous Labour Leader, George Lansbury. Criticism that Jeremy Corbyn would take Labour back to the 1970s was unfair. He has led Labour back to a parliamentary strength not seen since the 1930.



Every Tory policy over the next five years and possibly 10 years if Labour does not rebuild quickly has been enabled by Corbynism. By Jeremy Corbyn.

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