Corbyn revolution continues

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The Corbyn revolution continues apace. Anti Brexit, anti Corbyn candidate wins Stoke. Labour loses ‘safe’ Copeland. A crushing Parliamentary by-election defeat cannot fairly be pinned on one person but Corbyn was the albatross around Labour’s neck.

It’s all the fault of De Media and the gullible electorate who of course don’t appreciate the brilliance of the Dear Leader. That’s the great thing about the deeply delusional fantasy world of the Corbynistas – they are never responsible for anything, it’s always somebody else’s fault. Ah well, let’s have a #TWITTERSTORM – that will really impress the electorate who have been walking away from us in their droves despite the increasingly shrill CORBOTS sitting at their computers in their onesies and on occasion, opening their curtains before midday.

They are seriously suggesting that Tony Blair and the Parliamentary Party caused this defeat in the safe Labour seat of Copeland. John McDonnell sought to blame the Copeland defeat on past leadership challenges from Mr Corbyn’s critics, and even on former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s speech about the EU which attacked the Labour leader.

Jeremy Corbyn was today left humiliated by a “disastrous” by-election defeat in a former Labour stronghold and faced calls from his party’s MPs to consider his future. Senior backbencher David Winnick said the Labour leader’s “sense of duty” meant he should think of stepping down before the 2020 election. Long-term critic John Woodcock said the party was heading for a “catastrophic” general election rout and Mr Corbyn should consider what was best for its supporters. The attacks came after the Conservatives made history by ousting Labour from Copeland after 80 years. They overturned a Labour majority of 2,564 in a swing of more than six per cent. It is the first time since 1982 that a government party has taken a seat from the opposition in a by-election.

I suspect that the present Labour leadership (not just JC) had more impact on the Copeland result than the leader who convincingly won 3 general elections.  Labour’s share of vote has dropped in every by-election since EU referendum: Witney -2 %pts, Richmond -9, Sleaford -7, Stoke -2, Copeland -5. Probably Tony Blair’s fault. Or Doris! In Copeland Gill Troughton was a great candidate. She did a brilliant job but let down by the anti-nuclear hard-left leadership.

The two words which best describe why devastated Labour humiliatingly lost a Northern stronghold are “Jeremy” and “Corbyn”. This is a reverse which underlined the limitations of focusing on the NHS. Health is important, care a major concern, but alone it won’t revive ailing Labour. It underlines how Corbyn and the so called “Hard Left” with their confused and downright silly sack load of policies which have failed before and which the British Public have rejected time and again are failing to resonate with the electorate and in particular failing to win voters over to Labour. Indeed this isolation is amplified by Corbyn surrounding himself with people who have never voted Labour in their life and indeed have spent the past 20 years campaigning against Labour.

Campaigners for all parties report that Corbyn’s name was coming up on the doorstep. His well-known aversion to nuclear energy did not go down well in a seat where Sellafield employs 10,000 people. The Tories were not shy of reminding people that the Labour leader was ideologically hostile to the engine of their local economy. But MPs who canvassed the constituency report a deeper frustration with Corbyn – a sense that he simply isn’t up to the job; that he has been miscast in a role to which he isn’t suited; that the party is insulting its longest-serving supporters by telling them that this man should be their prime minister when they can see that he wouldn’t be able to do the job and might not even really want it.

The Labour Party has allowed itself to be hijacked by an unrepresentative cabal fronted by Car Crash Corbyn on a platform of warmed over failed 80’s claptrap that offers NO VISION to the Electorate that relates to their everyday lives and to the future they want for their children. The incompetent and inept Tories have destroyed our place in Europe, destroyed the Union and will run Britain down and isolate and impoverish us with their “Global Britain” neo-colonial delusion. They are there for the talking but the Labour Party cannot take them as its Platform, if anybody  understands it, makes them unelectable.

If the unelectables behind the wet rag of Corbyn really cared for the Labour Movement (and they don’t) they would hang their head in shame that every piece of credible data tells us that the majority of working people now do not support Labour. Reciting the same failed mantras to the converted will not win back the 102 (mainly Conservative held) seats in the south of England and the 56 seats in Scotland Labour needs to form a government and actually deliver something other than steaming, hot BS.

Copeland was Labour held for over 80 years (since 1935) and this is only 3rd Government by election victory since WW11 and the first since 1982. time to ditch Corbyn and his warmed over 80’s clap trap & reconnect with the electorate. Labour should be deeply ashamed that all the available data shows that most working class voters do not support the Labour Party. Even more shocking the polls show most “Labour Voters” think Theresa May is a better leader than Jeremy Corbyn – you can spin it anyway you like but it does not get any worse than that? 

The story of our Party over the past seven years has been a total disaster which has betrayed the British Electorate and our failure has allowed others to inflict great damage on British Society, on the Union, on our country’s standing in the world and on our economy where debt has doubled and the trade deficit stands at £192 Bn a year. After Gordon “Meddler” Brown engineered his anointment as PM, replacing Tony Blair who DELIVERED (as opposed to generating hot air) enormous progressive change in the UK and abroad, including removing a genocidal, war mongering Dictator in Iraq, supporting democracy in Sierra Leone, reversing Fascism in the Balkans and bringing a viable peace settlement to Ireland. He made the UK a more progressive inclusive society, destroyed four Tory Leaders and was the longest serving Labour Prime Minister and by any measure the most successful. And don’t let the voice of idiots, who include the idiotic, nihilistic left, tell you that there is no difference between parties, Labour over 13 years of progressive government put clear red water between themselves and the atrophied Tory rump from the very first day in power in 1997 when the ended Thatcher’s ban on Unions at GCHQ.

An unelectable Labour Party delivers zero, nothing, nowth, zilch, diddly-squat other than hot air. Making Labour unelectable and unlearning hard lessons already learned is the greatest possible betrayal of the Labour Movement and the Electorate.

Jeremy Corbyn will never be PM and the sooner he resigns the better it will be for the whole country – especially the poor, the disadvantaged and everyday working people who need  a Labour government .

Labour needs a Leader, not a protester.

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