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The Dear Leader gave his first full length press briefing today after a year and a half in the post. I think we now understand why? Backwards to oblivion comrades!!

Here is a potted history of Corbyn’s appeal for popular support:

2015 “Straight Talking, Honest Politics”

2016 “…”

2017 Let’s Copy Donald Trump.

The fabled Corbyn relaunch was a disaster, with his morning announcements contradicting the previous night’s press briefings and Corby spending the afternoon backtracking. It’s a great tribute to his leadership skills that Jeremy Corbyn moved so decisively to dismiss the policies he set out earlier today. Even by the woeful standards of Stalinist Seumas this set a new standard for serial incompetence but of course all this is de fault of De Media. Thousands of his own loyal supporters were alienated by change of tack on free movement. Meanwhile, the voting public even more alienated by mixed messaging on same issue, as well as drive-by policy announcement on maximum wage.  

Excited for Jeremy Corbyn relaunch day?

Excited for Jeremy Corbyn relaunch day?

A little reminder of the resolution adopted unanimously by Labour Party conference in September:

A little reminder of the resolution adopted unanimously by Labour Party conference in September:

Jeremy Corbyn announced that he favoured major restrictions on freedom of movement, subsequently backed out of it in a car crash interview, claimed that he supported a maximum wage and later said he was misquoted, and his Momentum organisation has purged its Trotskyite wing (Known as the AWL) from the organisation.

Mean while the so called Socialist Party offers to welcome Momentum’s expelled Trots with open arms to TUSC. There is however no such thing as TUSC. It’s an unelectable front for the unelectable Socialist Party. Bankrolled by the knuckleheads of the RMT and Ken Loach who also bankrolled the hilariously named Left Unity, almost as hilarious as “Worker’s Liberty.” Either way the voters don’t care if the unelectable join with the unelectable. All these organisations have campaigned against and tried to undermine Labour in their own unelectable image.

That is probably why the voters of the North and Copeland are so out of touch with the current Labour Leadership. Something needs to be done about them.

If you’re an ordinary member of the public, what would you think? You’d think that Labour is maybe somewhat out of touch with the concerns of the British people. Even Labour Party members struggle to name what Party policies are as Corbyn abolished the National Policy Forum and is ignoring Conference decisions while he and the ludicrous Hard Left Cabal around him “launch” disastrous drive by policy on the fly which are no more than back of fag packet thoughts – destined to unravel the next day. Once again, Labour doesn’t have a policy on immigration, when people tell the opinion pollsters that it is the single biggest issue that will decide how they vote.

To be Prime Minister Corbyn would actually have to win a General Election. To win an election, form a Government and deliver anything other than platitudes he needs to convince voters in 56 Scottish seats and in 106, mainly Conservative, seats in the South of England that Labour has a vision for their future which is relevant to their lives. Every indication is that the electorate are deserting Corbyn’s Labour in their droves as being irrelevant to their lives. Corbyn is a fossilised clown, hopelessly out of his depth, unable to offer any leadership or offer any electable alternative. He and his mindless followers always so keen to shout down debate need to take a reality check and the electorate are not impressed by meaningless slogans. There will be a reality check, it’s called a General Election and every sounding, every poll and every credible analysis says Labour will be lucky to retain 150 seats.

Today was a disastrous day for Corbyn and those who invested so much hope in him despite his 40 years of solid and consistent underachievement spouting warmed over 80’s clap trap. It is also a disastrous day for the electorate, for the 73% of the country who did not vote for the self-harm of Brexit, for those who long for a proper alternative to a chaotic Tory Government with a wafer thin majority and a PM clearly out of her depth.

In 1935 the Labour Party was in crisis. Attlee become the Leader and the party began on its road to the great victory of 1945. But first the Party had to get rid of its well meaning, but ineffectual leader, George Lansbury. Ernie Bevin publicly warned Lansbury, “It is placing the Executive and the Movement in an absolutely wrong position to be hawking your conscience around from body to body asking to be told what to do with it.”

Labour voters outside the party are in no doubt that Corbyn is a disaster and they will not support him as Labour Leader. (A recent poll found that Labour voters think Corbyn should resign immediately by a 60-40 margin). Ironically the PLP are now closer to Labour voters in general than its ideologically driven and unrepresentative membership. This is hugely significant. 

Under what passes for Corbyn’s leadership we’ve seen the Labour Party day by day disconnect itself from its status as a credible party of Government that is interested in electoral success to advance the causes of social justice. Ed Miliband’s leadership election reforms and Jeremy Corbyn’s presence on the ballot last year allowed the infiltration of many 10,000s from the hard left who perceive our party to be a political cult about one man itself. Many of these party members have pursued destructive agendas based on whipping up divisive factionalism and consolidating power internally. They show no care for advancing Labour’s electoral prospects in the parliamentary democracy we operate in. 

Jeremy Corbyn has been a weak and ineffectual leader who will never gain the trust of the electorate and never will lead a Labour government actually delivering for the electorate. Pious platitudes are no longer enough, he has shown himself to be politically inept, divisive and plain incompetent, an incompetence reinforced by his disastrous appointments of idiots with proven form such as IRA apologist John McDonnell who will never be the “People’s” Chancellor and the arrogant elitist Stalinist brat Seumas Milne with the risible title of Director of Strategy and Communication. A person less strategic and with a total inability to communicate a coherent message to the Electorate and the Party would be hard to imagine.

On such a day when the country wanted Labour to score goals and be a proper opposition but all Jeremy could offer were excruciating own goals letting the Tories off the hook and laughing in the aisles at the political headroom we have given them to swing their wrecking balls. We continue to betray the electorate as long as Labour under Corbyn demands followship and denies the country leadership.

Labour and the country needs a leader, not a protestor.

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