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Bastille Day and the revolting Irish

Today, Bastille Day 14th July 2018, is the 229th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille Prison in France. It is hard to recall the French Revolution without thinking of the response of the...

Brexit Swansong

So lazy David Davis having engaged in lazy Brexit fantasies has delivered absolutely nothing including not a SINGLE Trade Agreement knows the game is up and resigns at 11.30 on a Sunday night. In...

Bloomsday 2018

  Bloomsday, the day named after Leopold Bloom, the dapper central character in Ulysses, is being celebrated in James Joyce’s hometown of Dublin on Saturday 16th June 2018. That is the day in which...

The Two Dictators Summit

No doubt The Donald will hail his Love Island Summit with Kim Jung-un as the “Greatest Meeting Ever!” but he cannot gloss over the criminal brutality of the United States in Korea and the...

Ireland of the Skinny Dippers

Women gathered in the glorious Wicklow sunshine yesterday afternoon and managed to raise hundreds of thousands of euro for charity and set a new Guinness World Record for a skinny dip in the process....

Mary Wilson, Poet

Respect to the memory of the poet Mary Wilson who died today at the age of 102. Her marriage to Harold Wilson was an extraordinary love story. An Oxford Don at 21 he entered...

That Boleyn Girl

The marriage of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn was annulled on this day in 1536…another innocent girl with Irish connections who lost her head with a man! The Boleyn family were related to the...

Those rowing O’Donovan Brothers from Skibbereen

It is well known that Skibbereen is the biggest small town not just in West Cork but in the whole wide world, and not just because it is the home of the famous Skibbereen...

Happy Birthday Karl Marx

Happy 200th Birthday to Karl Marx who was born #OTD in Trier (Trevorum Augustorum) in the Prussian Rhineland and lived in London from 1849 until the end of his life. In 1848 along with...

The Eagle on London

Millicent Fawcett

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Labour anti-Semitism – the morning after

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Jeremy’s Jewish Question

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TubeMapper captures images of The Underground

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The Eagle on Ireland

Bloomsday 2018

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Ireland of the Skinny Dippers

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Those rowing O’Donovan Brothers from Skibbereen

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Big Tom and his Mammy

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