Tube Chat Shock! Horror!!

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Badges from a mystery source encouraging passengers to talk have elicited calls for ‘do not disturb’ signs – but not everyone is against!

The perception of the London commuter as an unfriendly curmudgeon has been bolstered by the mixed reaction to a mystery campaign to encourage tube passengers to chat. Badges emblazoned with the question “Tube chat?” have been distributed on the London Underground network, to the horror of some regular users. Transport for London (TfL) said it was not behind the badges, which are identical in font and design to the official “Baby on board” pins given to expectant mothers. Commuters were quick to express their disdain for the idea.

NHS worker Jonathan Dunne is the man behind the badges encouraging Tube commuters to perform a decidedly un-Londonish act, and actually talk to each other. It won’t surprise many to learn that Dunne is originally from the US – but has lived in the capital since 1996. Dunne said he had handed out the first 480 badges at Old Street Station yesterday.

baby-on-board-badge-300x274babyduchess-kate“I thought it was going to be a laugh, but it was actually miserable,” he confessed. “I’ve never handed out anything at a Tube station before. You run the gauntlet of people panhandling, people handing out flyers, or whatever. Most people aren’t interested. Some people take things to be nice.” But he said that despite the strength of the reaction on social media, there had been some positive sentiment. “I would say of the 480 [badges] I handed out, maybe 30 or 40 people smiled,” he added.

The badges come attached to a small piece of card, which reads: “Have a chat with your fellow travellers. Wear this badge to let others know you’re interested. You’ll benefit from a daily chat. Start using it today!” But some commuters did react warmly to the badges:

A TfL spokeswoman said: “It’s definitely not something we have created. We are trying to get in touch with the people behind them as we never allow people to use our branding unless they have our permission. “This sort of stuff is quite dangerous; we don’t want people to get confused. While it is an interesting idea, we don’t want people using our branding.”

“Baby on board” badges can be ordered from TfL to help mothers-to-be secure a seat without embarrassment. Badges for people with disabilities or who are less able to stand, saying “Please offer me a seat”, are also being trialled.

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